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2nd House suggestions

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      mere 2nd house mein vrish rashi hai (lagna mesh hai).
      budh,guru, chandra and surya are placed in 2nd house.
      shukra and Mangal in 3rd house.ketu in 5th and shani in 9th house.
      this is my Lagna kundli. for navmansh, chandra and chalit kundli PFB my Birth details:
      02:55 AM (after midnight).

      in my understanding i don’t have placements which should cause trouble in life.
      rahu ki mahadasha hai which is placed in 11th house with 11th rashi which should be good too. i understand saturn in 9th house should make things hard to get but still i have exceptionally different life than normal people. both of my parents are not good in health and get hospitalised very often. almost no support from parents,relatives, friends. some how managed to get a job and complete my Post graduation.there is a lot to tell but can’t share publically.
      i know a little bit of astrology myself and have been exceptionally accurate about predictions for others almost every time but, i am confused about my own kundli.
      in my palm i have 3 headlines which is unusual.

      i want to know where my life is heading to.

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      To get a better insight into astrology, read

      Placement of planets is not sufficient enough to evaluate a horoscope. There are a lot more things to be considered.

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