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      I was born on 17/05/1993 at 3:20AM in Ravulapalem, Andhra Pradesh.

      My research in the field of mathematics has been halted for sometime, when will I get opportunities to continue my research and settle in my career?

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      Your career house is very weak in your horoscope. May be 2027 will find you in better days. Read my book on astrology available in my profile on this site.

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      Dear Sastry garu
      Your chart shows disturbances now. There are chances to continue your research after 24-06-2022 and before 23-01-2023.
      Good Luck

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      dear Sastry garu
      In your horoscope Saturn is in the star of Mars (in 4th house – education, house etc) and sub of Moon (lord of 5th – speculation, profit to others with whom you deal). So there would be delays, postponements in these aspects i.e education, house etc and at last you success. Elinati Sani (Sade sati) is on. That is also in Mars star. Luckily saturn period is not operating.
      Success will be thee definitely after repeated efforts and prolonged delay. This is called punarphoo dosha. You read or hear Manyu sukta. It will definitely help you.

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