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      P Jain

      20 June 1980
      20:35 PM
      Capricorn Ascendant and Virgo Moon Sign

      Request to the respected astrologer(s), please comment on this person’s career (job or business), financial position (struggling or satisfactory), marriage and old age status.

      Thank You Very Much for your efforts and help.

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      K.Umamaheswara RaoK.Umamaheswara rao

      You are asking so many things in two lines.
      You are asking his prospects in job or business.
      He is already 38 years old.
      You have to tell us how is he until now.
      Is he doing business or job?
      You are leaving everything to the astrologers
      You are asking about his old age status also.
      You want life reading freely.

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      V P L

      Ketu is in 1st House / Ascendant House: Lot of Struggle and Negligible Success, loner or introvert personality, nil or zero friend circle.

      Venus Retrograde in 5th House: Failures in relationships ( all kinds of) especially Marriage, maybe female child but chances are less for a child as Retrograde Venus will motivate the individual not to have children, Saturn aspects 5th House so failure in forming a long lasting and fruitful relationship of any kind.

      Sun and Mercury in 6th House: Slim and Lean body, susceptible to minor diseases, stomach / digestion / constipation issues, good communicator especially written, good at managing office work.

      Rahu in 7th House: Inter-caste or Foreign Resident Life-Partner; Maybe Divorce / Separation also, can do something with regards to import – export field as ketu and rahu are in 1/7 axis, others will always try to take benefit of the individual.

      Jupiter, Mars and Saturn in 8th House: Mars and Saturn conjunction will make the individual to lead a struggling life, nothing can be achieved without efforts, lot and lot of hard work is required even to earn a penny, individual could be an engineer and can have career related to machinery as mars and saturn conjunction denotes machines, jupiter provides a spiritual mind set, lagna Lord Satrun in 8th House will cause to face setbacks and struggle in all spheres of life, no stability in career, but Saturn in 8th House can provide a life span of around 70 to 75 years.

      Moon in 9th House: Individual is close to mother, individual can get sandwiched between mother and life-partner as both cannot have peaceful relationships with each other making the individual suffer. If the individual is a male then this could be a grave scenario to live with.

      Marriage House i.e. 7th House is in Paap Kartari Yoga, so marriage life is bad. Div / Separation on cards. Life-partner will never understand the feelings of the individual. As Saturn in 8th House, coldness from the in-law and life-partners siblings. Individual may not receive a single penny from in-laws in any form.

      Career: Virgo moon sign suited for Job, business on own name is not good as Saturn is in 8th House being a Lagna Lord, Jupiter is also not a benefice planet for Capricorn Ascendant so cannot give positive results, degree-wise Jupiter is located far away from Mars and Saturn conjunction so it cannot reduce the ill-effects of both the friction caused between the two, Saturn aspects 10th House so struggling career on cards.

      Saturn Mahadasha to start around the age of 52, may give diseases, lonely lifestyle and struggle.

      All in all not a good planetary position in the horoscope, till date the individual did not lead a happy life, but as the individual is having a spiritual mind set, this could be the only saving grace and motivating factor for the individual to live ahead within such circumstances.

      Sorry if the above sentences hurt. I am not an astrologer but I am studying astrology from internet. So my concepts may not be fully clear.

      I would seek the counsel of fellow astrologer and request them to correct my statements if I have mention anything wrongly.

      V P L ( If any one desires to discuss or enlighten me regarding anything related to astrology, then you are most welcome to contact me over

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      You can read Navagraha Astrology Online to get a better insight into astrology and evaluation of horoscopes.

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