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Difference between lagna and rashi

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    Difference between the Rashi and Lagna
    on 21 February 2015

    A horoscope is the details of the possibilities and propensities of the way of life, you are supposed to live. It gives us prior indications of major happenings in your life. Prior knowledge of any risk or opportunity gives us a chance to handle it properly and improve the conditions in your life by taking help of astrological remedies suggested by your astrologer.

    Whenever you will ask Pandit or astrologer about the coming possibilities in your life, he will make your Kundali, which is nothing but the natal chart showing the position of planets and stars at the time of your birth. The astrologer will calculate the possibilities based on your Lagna and Rashi.

    What are Lagna and Rashi?

    Lagna- Lagna is the rising nakshtra or sign at the time of birth. It is the most crucial thing in the horoscope which has a lot of impact on the person’s mind and behavior. It depicts the person himself.

    Rashi- It is the name given to the position of the moon at the time of birth. There are twelve rashes or signs. The average duration of the time taken by the signs of rising to completing the revolution and going down is two hours. This is why it takes one complete solar day for the twelve signs to complete the revolutions.

    Both Rashi and lagna are very important in making estimations and suggestions based on your horoscope. It has a great impact in every phase of life, whether it is education, health, job or marriage. In India marriages are arranged by checking the compatibility between the boy and girl by the indications of their natal chart by Kundali match making.

    how they are different?

    Rashi is the position of the moon in any of the signs while Lagna is the rising sign at the time of birth.
    Lagna is calculated on the basis of date, time and place of birth. Rashi is calculated as the position of sun in western horoscope and position of the moon according to Indian horoscope studies.
    Lagna can be considered as your sun sign as it is calculated as per the rising sun and rashi can be considered as the moon sign as it deals with the moon’s position.
    Lagna has a great impact on the personality of a person, whereas Rashi helps in estimating various challenges and opportunities that will keep coming in the life of the person.
    Rashi decides the positioning of the rest of the planets and the stars in the natal chart as the first place is the place of the moon. Lena does not decide the positions, but it is important in deciding the Swami of the natal chart or the ruling star.

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    Hello, my confusion is which lord is preferred to pray whether the lagna lord or rashi lord.?

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    All the planets are equally important in a horoscope. If you consider the life as a revolving disc, Lagna is the fulcrum and the offset from centre of the disc is what causes uneven revolution of the disc which causes us trouble. The planets are placed in the circumference of the disc at various places. So Lagna is the most important in a horoscope and Rasi is nothing but one planet Moon and you cannot treat it as something special.

    Read my blog for more details.

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