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      SK Nayak

      I got married on March 6, 2011 and it was arranged one. I left my job in 28
      Dec 2010 and started my own Software Freelancing Job.

      My parent are not OK with freelancing and unhappy towards me and my wife.

      In My family there are three sister where twos are divorced and therefore
      they tortured me my wife and little daughter.

      Suddenly they shifted our residential home and separated us on 14 Oct 2013
      after a quarrel with my father.

      Could you please do let me know what will happen next? Does they will call
      back us?

      I’m now with no home and can’t start my works, now staying at my with my
      Uncle’s home.

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      SK Nayak

      My DOB: 24-November-1982, 07-17 AM, Bhubaneswsar, Orissa

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      Navneet Khanna

      Dear Shri Nayak Ji,

      Looking at your horoscope, you are in the main period of Saturn and the Sub period of Saturn till September 2014. Saturn although in libra its sign of exaltation get weak because it is in the 12th house and also aspected by Rahu from the 8th house. The period till May 2014 especially need careful handlign as unwanted tensions can be on the rise. Conflicks and controntations with Family members and relatives could be there. Family peace will get affected. The time is to keep low profile and do things silently without the knowledge and attention of others. People critical of you will try to harm you in many ways. certainly some improvement in your period can be expected after 22 November 2013, but you shuld be willing to compromise and ready for adjustments and believe in forget and forgive.

      Doing the following remedies will help.

      1. Read Hanuman Chalisa Daily.
      2. Hanuman Ji ki Puja every Saturdays.
      3. Shani Puja every Saturdays.

      God Bless,

      Navneet Khanna

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