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Guru Mahadasha – Results

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      Shridhar Kumbhar

      Hello Sir,

      My Birth details are as follows :-
      DOB :- 25/01/1983
      TOB:- 2.08 AM
      POB :- Bhigwan (Indapur, Maharashtra)

      My Rahu Mahadasha is ending on 20/01/2015(16 years of hell). Could you please tell me hows my Guru Mahadasha in details? Can i move to USA for job in this Mahadasha? Also currently I am in IT so as any career path change in this Mahadasha?

      Thanks in advance.

      Shridhar Kumbhar

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      I had already replied to you. For more information kindly use Premium Services and get your scientific evaluation of horoscope.

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      Shridhar Kumbhar

      Hello Navneet sir,

      Do you have any insights on my questions? as TMR sir does not want reply to my query and considering me as a same alias which is not me.

      Thanks and Regards,
      Shridhar Kumbhar

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      Your Planetary dispositions are as follows :
      Planet Residential Strength Good % Bad% Nature

      Sun 29.97 30.72 59.39 Malefic
      Moon 7.69 80.20 8.91 Benefic
      Mars 20.33 45.57 20.66 Benefic
      Mercury 54.59 60.18 28.49 Benefic
      Jupiter 22.21 31.42 60.94 Malefic
      Venus 99.09 39.53 38.67 Benefic
      Saturn 31.08 71.20 12.00 Benefic
      Rahu 32.30 60.18 28.49 Benefic
      Kethu 32.30 31.42 60.94 Malefic

      Net 36.62

      Looks like Jupiter is weaker than Rahu and is also a malefic.

      Your career house is 48.31% potent now tending to 42.77% due to transitory influences. Gains from career has a potency of 59.82% -> 52.97%.

      Full detail can be seen in the Scientific Evaluation of Horoscope including transitory influences. The problem in your charts is the residential strength of planets in aggregate are weak with only 36.62% and therefore the planets are not much in favour except for Venus.

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