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Love and marriage prediction

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      Shanika Sandeepani

      My birth date – 07th November 1996
      Birth time – 20:56 hrs
      Birth place- Colombo, Sri Lanka
      Gender- female
      I’m 26 years old and I never had a love affair in my life upto now. And I feel like I’m not loved by anyone. Am I destined to be alone and lead a spiritual life? Or is there something important in my horoscope that my marriage is interrupted by some karmic effects. What kind of a partner I will have according to astrology.
      I believe the real science of astrology still resides in India. That’s why I’m asking this question from you. Sir, Please give me an accurate reading if you can.
      Thank you very much.

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      You have already been answered to this question. For a full scientific horoscope evaluation, you can come through Paid consultation after reading through my book details of which are given in my profile.

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