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love, arranged, love cum arranged marriage?

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      anita dubey

      girl – anita dubey
      bundi rajasthan.

      boy – abhinav sharma
      ajmer rajasthan.

      parents arranged the meeting, but after some time both of the familes gone against each other except me and that guy… want to know that wil i get married to this boy or not? if yes then it would be love or love cum arrange.. parents will get convinced or not? what kind of married life will i have with htis boy… pls tell me asap

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      I personally do not think that Astrology can look into the future and give you an answer to your question. If you are interested in a scientific horoscope matching, do come through paid consultation after going through my blog Navagraha Astrology Online

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      Hello sir, wanted to know about my type of marriage, will it be a love or arrange marriage & when it will happen?

      Birth date:23.1.1994
      Birth time:7.48Am
      Birth place: singarapettai(vill) krishnagiri,tamilnadu.

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      You have a strong Pravarjya Yoga which maligns married life or gives no marriage at all. However there are some slim chances of marriage in early 2023. Ensure that you have an excellent matching horoscope before taking any decision.

      It is not nice to ask the same question under different names. Do not think at this end we are dumb astrologers.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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