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Prediction of death

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      Respected astrologers,
      I have asked many questions earlier in this forum.many astrologers answered my queries i am thankful for that.this would be my last query in this forum.i request any astrologer to kindly answer this.since shani dasha started in my life i have become really sick.i dont know if i will recover.i visited good hospitals and am taking treatment but i feel deep inside that i may not live longer.i want to know will i die in shani maha dasha.will lord shani cause date of birth is 2_6_1982,born at 9.20 pm at hyderabad,telangana.
      Please respond.

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      Planets Nature Net % Strength

      Sun Benefic 67.57
      Moon Benefic 34.82
      Mars Benefic 1.56
      Mercury Benefic 43.37
      Jupiter Benefic 11.01
      Venus Benefic 2.14
      Saturn Benefic 92.62
      Rahu Benefic 69.59
      Kethu Benefic 87.86

      Net Benefic 45.80

      Your Saturn is highly Benefic with 92.62% strength. It cannot indicate anything bad to you happening unless Death itself is good for you. Astrology can only evaluate a horoscope from birth to death and birth and death itself can never be predicted.

      Not a single planet is malefic in your horoscope. All are benefics which sort of situation was hardly there in my experience of more than 50 Years. Mars and Venus are totally powerless in the horoscope and that could be the reason for your illness.

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      Thank you sir.

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