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Sun and Venus person

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      Dear astrologers,

      i know married couple, where she was born on 10th and he was born on 24th, means she is ruled dy sun and he is by venus. However their compatibility report is good despite that. As far as i know they shall be incompatible, because sun burns venus. But they are happily married since 2017. The guy has ego more than normal, leader in relations,wife is dominant too and wants to control him. Does it means that astrology prediction is not the final and everything depends on our efforts and wish to be with particular person? Or it is just the matter of time when issues will occur in relations?

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      What you have written shows that you do not have any real knowledge about astrology except from meaningless explanations found in newspapers and magazines by amateur astrologers. Please read how to evaluate a horoscope scientifically by reading my blog

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