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Wanna Marry to My girlfriend

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      Date of birth :- 06/05/1987
      Time :06:45 pn
      Place :- Kanpur (U.P.)
      Problem :-
      I have to ask about Love marriage. Girl Parents are against marriage.No CASTE Problem as we both belong to same caste.
      Excuse : Mohalle me rahne wale bhai bahen hote hain. Kisi hal me shadi nhi krne denge.

      Now her parents are torchering her daily. Quarrelsome in behaviour with me and my family.
      My question :- Will Current partner Girl be my wife ?
      Kindly tell remedies to convey her parents if possible>>

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      Astrology cannot answer your question. You have to ask a clairvoyant to get the answer to your questions.

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      But it was written ask one question free ?
      Isn’t it misleading ?

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      Your 7th house is the weakest in your horoscope and whomsoever you marry you will have problems with married life. The best you can do is to get a well matching horoscope for marriage.

      Please read the first topic on this page about Questions about Marriage, Matching of horoscopes etc.

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