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when my marriage would happen

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    Hello Sir,

    I am Naveen. I have few questions for you.
    In my horoscope it is mentioned that Rashi is virschik, and nakshatra is anuradha. DOB as 11th or 12th February, 1988 at 4.55 AM.

    1. If rashi and nakshatra has to be that, then I think DOB has to be 12-02-1988 ?
    2. I have been looking to get married from last year, but haven’t been much success. Any inputs on when my marriage would happen ?

    Thank you.

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    Place: Bangalore

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    Yes, your dob is 12 Feb 1988. There are no hard and fast rules to calculate when exactly you will get married, since the definition of marriage is at variance from place to place, culture to culture etc. Read my article on ‘Definitions in Astrology” at

    You are most likely to get married in 2014 failing which it could be delayed to late 2017 or in 2018.

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    Thank you. How about my career ? I was very happy till October 2013, after which strange things have happened, which has affected me to get back as before.

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    Life is a mixture of happiness and sorrow. None of us are happy 100% of the time nor are unhappy always. Temporary set backs are to ignored which when you look back at a later date, you will find that it was for the good. Do not worry about such things.

    Perhaps you can request for a Scientific evaluation of your horoscope through Premium services.

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    Gurmeet kaur

    1. Meri Shadi Kb tak hogi Aur Mai Anshik Manglik Ho meri Shadi Manglik se Hogi ya Non-
    Manglik Se.
    2. Govt. Job milegi ya nahi
    3. Aur Hamara Apna Ghar Kb tk Bnega
    4. meri DOB 13th January, 1982.
    5. Place of birth Mokokchung (Nagaland)
    6. Timing: 11:30 p.m.

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    It looks like you are a victim of wayside astrologers. Your Mars is a Benefic though with a low strength of 15% posted in your Lagna. So you are not a Manglik. You should have been married in 2015/16.

    It is very unlikely that you will get a government job. You can get a paid job elsewhere.

    Are you still living in Nagaland? Give details of any resettlement elsewhere.

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    Hello sir I born in 1991 .07.18 @ 8.35pm,when will I marry?

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    Where were you born. In Mithila??? If it was around that place, you have chances of getting married towards the end of this year.

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