Horse Racing and Astrology – Find your Lucky Days to Win

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Horse Racing has been the passion of rich and famous in any society. It has been regarded as a royal sport and it is one of the most ancient sports.  While horses are raced purely for sports, these days it is a big gambling market. The statistics of 2008 suggest that the worldwide market for Horse racing was more than US $100 billion. Horse racing in India is over 200 Years old making it one of the first countries in Asia where Horse racing was conducted. With the technology advancement, the passion for Horse Racing has gone online with many people addicted to Internet Gambling or iGambling. Online Horse Racing is very popular in western countries like USA and Europe, where people place bet on the Horses over the Internet.

I must confess that the reason I’m writing this article is purely for educational purposes and anyone who wishes to try his /her luck in any kind of gambling or Live Horses or Online Horse racing should get the horoscope checked if gains are promised in the native’s horoscope through speculative activities, only then should the person indulge in gambling.

Horse Racing and Astrology – Lucky Days

Houses in the Birth chart responsible for success on the betting front are 11th, 5th, 9th and 10th house. Unless these houses and their lords have inherent strength, no individual should consider himself / herself lucky or fortunate in any kind of speculative activity. This is true in relation to betting on Horses or investments in Stocks, Gold, Commodities, or anything else of speculative nature. One needs to check that major planets or at least the Moon is transiting in the above houses, at the time of speculation, especially the 11th and the 5th house to achieve success. Otherwise whatever may be the tips, hint, news or suggestion, one should completely avoid indulging in such speculative activities.

If the Birth Horoscope and Transit properly checked by an competent astrologer suggests gains from Online House Racing or from Live Horses on that particular day then one can apply the numbers as given under.

Sun   Morning 1 Afternoon 4
Moon   Morning 7 Afternoon 2
Jupiter 3
Venus 6
Mercury 5
Saturn 8
Mars 9

Draw a chart based on date, place and time of race. Check the planets on the Ascendant, 10th & 5th house, 7th and 9th house as they become the real indicators for success in the race winning first, second and third respectively.

I again strongly suggest people not to use the Tips provided in the above articles without the proper guidance of an expert astrologer as it may lead you to financial losses. These Horse Betting tips are purely provided for the purpose of educational purpose and astrology research.

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