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get your ex boyfriend back

How to get your ex boyfriend back

There would always be that moment in your life that you seemed so hopeless and lonely about losing your relationship. What do you do? Lock yourself up in your room, cry or get depressed or drown yourself with ice cream and movies? Instead of turning yourself into a big, fat chicken, why not get your chart analysis done? Look into the period that is bothering you and see how you could make it better! next time you see your ex boyfriend, use these given tips for some support, look up to the sky.

So what is with the sky? You wait for a shooting star and make a wish? Nah! You make the right timing. Aside from pulling up a “you’ll-regret-letting-me-go” appearance, maximize the second chance of romance by making your move in the right time. With detailed chart analysis, you will know the right time things move in a favorable direction for you.

Ways to get your ex boyfriend back

There are two best times for winning your ex boyfriend back – the retrograde periods of either Mercury or Venus.

Mercury rules one’s self-expression and communication style and the purpose of the retrograde is to review life and make revisions. In a year, you’ll have your ex boyfriend thinking about you too three to four times! The trigger is there; you just have to pull it. Leave a simple note inviting your love for coffee or snacks or send a message asking how he/she is doing. It’s time you start sewing patches to mend the relationship.

If you couldn’t get the Mercury retrograde timing, there’s another chance that you can look at – the Venus retrograde (Venus deals with love impulses and attraction). The months slowly turn, but when you make your move at this time, it’s a hotshot! Don’t even worry too much about the time period as Venus retrograde lasts for few weeks– this should be enough time to make a stable realization of rekindling the lost love. This period makes the person reevaluate things related to relationships – “Have I made the right decision?” When this happens, it’s time you pop out and show him what he is missing. You can show the “old” you that he once fell in love with or the “new” you that he will surely fall for. Therefore you need to forgo the past, the things that went wrong between you both and look at the present.

Aside from eyeing on the Venus retrograde, you may also watch out for the Sun transit on Venus’ signs: Libra and Taurus. The transit happens every April to May and September to October. As the sun “shines” on these sign periods, it’s a good time for you as well to put a light to find your lost love. Note that Taurus values stability while Libra has an eye for relationships.

So wipe those tears and leftover ice cream, fix yourself, and look at your chart analysis. Go and get your ex boyfriend back and create a happy ending!

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