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delayed marriage
delayed marriage

How to know the reasons for delayed marriage in horoscope

In this article we see how to find the reason for delay in marriage. In the horoscope, we have 12 houses. The 7th house signifies marriage and marital life and any malefic affliction to the seventh house or the seventh lord can cause a delay in marriage.

In case of a male chart, all information about his wife can be obtained by studying the 7th house , 7th lord and planet Venus.

In case of female chart it is necessary to study the 7th house and also the 8th house, its lord and Jupiter which is the karka for husband.

Given Below are important reasons which bring delayed Marriage and obstacles in getting married.

Placement of Malefic Planets in 7th house

This is one of the important causes for delay in marriage. Malefic planets in the 7th house will bring delay in solemnizing marriage. Placement of Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and/or Mars bring instability on the marriage front. Saturn is the natural significator for delays and obstacles and its placement can bring late marriage.  Other malefic planets like Mars, Rahu and Ketu also give similar effects.

7th house in Paap Katari

If there are malefic planets in the 6th and the 8th house, then 7th house is considered under paap Katari. This is not good yog and can bring delays and obstacles in marital life.  It is very necessary to do remedies of malefic planets in the paap Katari before marriage.

Bad Placement of 7th lord

If the 7th lord is placed in the trik bhavas that is the 6th, 8th or the 12th house then the 7th lord gets weak and is certainly going to bring delays and obstacles on the marital front.  Strength needs to be provided to the 7th house and 7th lord for getting marriage.

Retrograde Planet in 7th house

The Planet placed in the 7th House should not be in retrograde or the 7th house lord should not be retrograde in Birth chart. When there are retrograde planets in the 7th house the native will see instability on the marriage front.  This is severe if the retrograde planet is a malefic planet like Saturn or Mars.

Retrograde planets bring back and forth results on the marriage front. So one day it may appear things are on the verge of getting finalized and then another day, obstacles can be there. All past efforts go waste, this is even more when that very planet is retrograde in the transit.

Weak Venus in the Horoscope

Venus is the significator of marriage and if Venus gets weak in the horoscope due to malefic placement, affliction or if it is combust, it will bring delay in marriage and also problems in marital life.

Weak Jupiter in the Horoscope

A weak Jupiter can delay marriage, specifically in the female chart.  A aspect of Jupiter on the 7th house is good as Jupiter aspects bestows the girl with marriage. Jupiter placed in the 7th house will bring obstacles in solemnizing marriage and marital life afterwards.

If there is weak Jupiter then strength needs to be provided to Jupiter for having a blissful and happy marital life.

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