Insight into Horary / Electional Astrology

Insight into Horary / Electional Astrology
As a sequel to my earlier article on Astrology, here in this article I am giving an answer to  how a person who does not know his date or time of birth can make use of this divine science.Every one of us has problems in our life sometime or other.  These problems could be of varying kinds like financial problems, family problems, failure in ventures, marital issues, health problems and so on. And to solve these problems, it is a challenge to every one of us irrespective of our status in life, rich or poor. And we have a branch called Horary Astrology to examine possible solutions and determine the success factor of such planned solutions.  The basic input is identification of the problem and its classification into which one of the 12 houses used in Astrological analysis it belongs to. I am giving below the heads falling under each house for this purpose.
First House (The house of Self) : The ascendant, Lagna is the most important house in a horoscope chart and plays an important role right throughout the life of an individual. It represents the physical stature, complexion,form and shape of an individual. The health, vigour, vitality and natural tendencies are controlled by this house.This also represents personality, jest for life, honour, dignity, well-being, head, upper part of the face, longevity and start in life.

The second House(The house of wealth): All money matters are governed by this house. Fortune, profits and gains, power and resources, security, material achievements , jewellery, shares, security, speech, eyes, vision, stocks and bonds, precious stones, memory, education, tongue, nose, teeth, chin and family are governed by this house. This is also a maraka sthana or a death inflicting house.

The third House (The house of courage and siblings) : The mental intellect and disposition is governed by his house. Courage and the ability to achieve things and complete tasks are represented by this house. Relationships with brothers and sisters , assistance or otherwise from them are also studied from this house. Relations with neighbours, valour, short travels, communications, transport, correspondence, writing, change of residence, contracts, agreements, rumours, carrying tales, hands, throat, shoulder blade, collar bones, arms and nervous system are some things that this house gives information about.

The fourth House (The house of mother and pleasures) : Mother, Happiness in life, native place, residence, domestic environment, grave, private affairs, secret life, luxury vehicles, fields, pastures, farms, orchards, mines, buildings, houses, ancestral property, hidden treasure, higher education, wells, water, milk, ponds, lakes etc., Heart and Lungs are signified by this house.
The fifth house (The house of progeny, romance and competition): Progeny, whether one will have children or not, of what sex, inclination, recreation, pleasure, artistic talents, entertainment, amusement, sports, excelling in competitive activities likes crosswords, cards, games of chance, gambling or betting, love affairs, ambassadors, good or bad morals, mantra, tantra, religious mindedness, higher learning and wisdom, enormous riches, spiritual practices etc. and Upper abdomen are represented by this house.

The sixth house (The house of enemy and disease): Types of diseases, whether they will be curable or not, nursing, food, services, employees, subordinates or servants, debts, cattle, tenants, jealousy, enemies, maternal uncles, mental anguish, indebtedness and lower abdomen are looked into by studying this house.

The Seventh House (The house of marriage and partnerships) : Earthly ties and unions, legal bondage, spouse, partners in business, conjugal life, litigation, influence in foreign countries, success and reputation in foreign travels, dangers in life, relationship with spouse, gains or losses after marriage, type of spouse and his/her physical and mental disposition, Liver and small intestine are included in this house. Here foreign only means distant or unfamiliar territory.

The Eighth House (The house of accidents and death) : Longevity and span of life, inheritance, legacy, wills, insurance, pension, gratuity, accidents, fire or suicide, misery, misfortune, distress in life, strife, worries, disgrace, delay, dejection, disappointment, loss, obstruction, theft and robbery etc., kidney, genitals, colon, hips and portion of the body below the navel are represented by this house.

The Ninth House (The house of Fate and Fortune) : Faith, wisdom, divine worship, pilgrimages, philosophy, fortune, religious disposition, meditation, intuition, sacrifices and charity, father, Preceptor, learning and teaching, dreams and visions, long journeys, air and sea travel, higher education foreign travels, knees.

The Tenth House (The house of Career/profession): Honour, dignity, public esteem, power and prestige, credit and recognition received for a task completed, success and status, rank and renown, respect and fame, ambition, authority, permanency in job, promotion, advancement in Job, appointments. Government, political power, high posts such as President, CEO etc., last rites to parents, honour from Government etc. can be analyzed looking into this house.

The Eleventh house (The house of casual incomes and gains): Friends, society, community, favorites, ambitions and wish fulfillment, gain of wealth, success in undertakings, incoming wealth, prosperity, elder brothers, recovery from illness, dawn of fortune, calf and ankles are signified by this house.

The Twelfth house (The house of expenses and Losses) : Losses and impediments, restraint and limitation, waste and extravagance, expenses whether good or bad, deception, investments and donations, charity, misery and misfortune, sorrow and sin, secret enemies, involvement in scandals, disgrace and insults, secret sorrows. Success through occult studies and practices, the feet , left eye, left ear, bed pleasures, life and activities in foreign places belong to this house.

Now that we know what our problem is and to which house it relates to we can prepare a horoscope chart based on the date and time and place when your problem first came to your notice or when you started feeling the pinch of it.

In other words a problem or an issue in your life is born and we note down the birth time of this problem. The solutions you might have to solve the problem can be one or many and to know which course of action has to be pursued, you can make use of Astrology just as in case of a birth of a new born baby.

Here again, the horoscope is analysed and the strength of the house to which the problem belongs is analysed similar to what I had written in the earlier articles. You will know the success factor of your intended solution. Suppose it has more than 50% strength, the solution to the problem may be effective to that extent and the more strength you have for the house, the merrier. A poor strength of below 40% could indicate failure if the intended solution is attempted. You will have to think of alternatives then and recalculate the strength of such solution at a later time of birth of the solution.

To cite an example, you intend to start a business and you would like to know whether you will be successful or not. First you note down the time when this idea is mooted in your mind and get a horoscope prepared for this purpose as detailed in my earlier article. Starting a business obviously falls into Career/Profession house, the tenth house. And the gains therefrom will be shown by the 11th house, the House of Gains. If you have respectable strength for the 10th and 11th houses and if the strength of the 11th house is more than the 10th, you will certainly succeed in your new business. To what extent you will succeed can also be determined by studying the individual strengths of both these houses.

It is believed that for every one of your actions, God gives you suitable directions by giving 40 odd symptoms from around you to determine whether the action is going to yield favorable or unfavorable results. Unfortunately these could only be understood properly by learned astrologers. And this is the basis of Horary Astrology. It is known in Sanskrit as Prasna Marga.

The inputs required are your problem in detail together with the date, time and place of birth of your problem and intended solutions available.  In case you do not have the date, time and place of birth details of the problem, you could send  a random number of 8 digits which spontaneously comes to your mind while sincerely praying to God to show you the correct path to be followed to be successful in solving the problem.

Astrology is a divine science and it should not be used for experimentation. For a given problem you should consult a single astrologer only once with the actual birth time of the problem and getting a second or third opinion will lead you only to confusion and the varying advises from different astrologers could be unreliable.

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