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Predictions in Astrology – A critical analysis

Of late, I have found tendencies among astrologers to predict each and everything using Astrology. Most of these are misinterpreting the axioms in Astrology which gives some placebo effect to problems of their clients, some real and some imaginary.  Astrology is not a predictive science and if we could predict future events with certainty, it would have been much better and we would have been living in paradise.

Yes Astrology is a divine science passed on to us by great seers to give us an idea of where we stand in the order of things and to let us know the balance sheet of our deeds in earlier births, about which we are not so sure of.  We can only assume that soul or life is permanent and it takes different containers or forms to carry out actions assigned to us by God which helps Him in one of His job of sustenance of this universe.

There are no two births possible at the same time at the same place on any given day and this is what makes the input data to Astrology which is unique as is the nature of all creations. What is exactly the time of birth? It is the time when the baby starts crying when the breathing process is initiated and he becomes a part of this world on his own and this breathing process continues on its own till he quits this world, the process of which is all automated totally overseen by the creator. We have no say in it.

So Astrology can neither predict a birth or a death since both of them are controlled by God. The time of birth gives us a means of making a horoscope which can be used as a broad road map of one’s life where very important matters in life are charted out. It is very similar to travelling on a moonless night and the light of stars guide us through major obstacles which we can see, like a wall ahead or a tree in front or a pool of water lying ahead. Minor problems like a few broken glass pieces or a sleeping dog will not be possible to be viewed. Astrology cannot be used to see the future as if in a flood light which goes against the normal beliefs of the public at large.

Generally parents are very concerned when a child is born and would be anxious to know how his life is going to be. Whether he will have major ailments, how well he will perform in his studies, when and what job he will do and whether he will be successful in life, when he will get married and how long will he live and particularly whether he will look after the parents in their old age etc. And to get an answer to such mundane questions they go to an astrologer and get a horoscope made with the date, time and place of birth as the input data for such calculations.

With the advent of computers now horoscopes can be prepared with ease giving details about the planetary positions, their strength, the extent to which they will be able to exercise influence in the native whether good or bad etc. which involves about 80 man hours of calculations for a human being good at Mathematics in a matter of few minutes.

Unfortunately the predictions of events cannot be done using computers except of course superficially and generally with no use to the public which aid them in any decision making process. For this purpose, the horoscopes have to be analyzed with meticulous care and this is where some astrologers these days resort to all sorts of gimmick often misleading the public. And the internet is full of such quacks who use this as a means of amassing wealth.

Generally we find that any question put to astrologers are answered to the satisfaction of the questioner without any basis, logic or empirical analysis. What comes to their mind is what they answer and they term it as intuition which they claim to be a divine gift. They thus act as God men and make a mockery of Astrology.

To understand astrology well, we must have some spiritual understanding too. As I pointed out earlier our life is to carry out assignments from God and the fruitful completion of such assignments are in His interests. We act only as Screwdrivers while He holds it in His hands. The end result of everything we do is enjoyed by Him and we are just instruments in this regard. With this in mind, no wonder each one of us has our own definitions of life and the faculties contained therein like Personality, Wealth, Health, Happiness, Companionship, Luck, Career, Gains, Interests etc. These varying definitions cannot be generalized and what holds nice for someone may not be all that nice to you. These have to be carefully considered while analyzing a horoscope.

For e.g. My definition of Wealth is “One who knows he has enough is Wealthy” or “Wealth is a situation where one has to spend the least for keeping himself alive and meet his obligations”. Similarly a good career is one which derives lot of job satisfaction for the native and not necessarily depends on the returns you receive from such career.

Again in this materialistic world, people generally think that if one has a lot of money, he will be happy which is in fact not true. Success in marriage is not very much dependent on the beauty of the spouse nor the riches he/she possesses. Is it not?

Similarly marriage does not mean the rituals associated with it. Marriage is only a union of body, mind and soul and this could happen many a times in one’s life with one or more of the opposite sex. So a question “When I will get married?” has no answers in Astrology. And a question “When I will get a job?” also does not mean anything. We are born to do some job throughout of our life. And we can never sit idle even if we want to do. And no job done is unworthy, it will have some purpose. Don’t you agree? One should never think that doing a job need to be in return for money in cash or kind. Every job has a monetary value associated with it.

People often ask in underdeveloped countries a question “Will I go abroad in my life?” He means whether he can go abroad to another country and earn more money than he would earn working in his own country. This question also cannot be answered using Astrology because dividing the world into countries which divisions are manmade and God does not endorse such divisions. But astrologers lure public by making such predictions to their own advantage.

So if nothing of the above is possible to be answered, what is the use of astrology, some people may ask. The answer to that question is “What do you get after completion of your Degree or Diploma from a University/Board of schools?”. You get a Mark Sheet detailing out the subjects studied and the Marks or Grade received after the examinations conducted to test your knowledge in those subjects. Is it not so?

Yes, a horoscope can be analyzed and a mark sheet of your life can be generated using mathematical algorithms based on strengths of planets, its positioning, nature, whether is beneficial or not and many other considerations which are well illustrated in ancient text books of Astrology. A sample of such an analysis is given below.



Strength %


Personality, Individuality, Head



Wealth, assets, family, speech, Face



Co-borns, confidants, courage, Hands and Shoulders



Happiness, comforts, pleasures, Heart & Lungs



Children, intelligence, mind, Upper Abdomen



Debts, Diseases, Enemies, Lower Abdomen



Marital Happiness, Small Intestine, Liver



Longevity, Distresses, Colon, Kidneys, Genitals



Luck ,Fortune, Thighs



Career, Profession, Job Satisfaction, Knees



Gains, Returns from Career, Calf  and ankles



Wasteful Expenditure, Losses, Feet


Net strength


Higher strength for positive significations makes it more potent
Higher strength for negative significations negate the negatives (Debts, Diseases, Enemies, Losses etc.)

You can perhaps use the following grading to evaluate a horoscope.

Less than 35%        –  Failed, failure becoming more and more as it goes down
35 to 40                   –  Passed
41 to 45                   –  Above average
46 to 50                   –  Good
51 to 60                   –  Second Class
61 to 70                   –  First Class
71 to 80                   –  Distinction
81 to 90                   –  Excellent
Greater than 90     –  Outstanding

If you look at the mark sheet given above, you will find that the native is having a net success factor of 47.44% and if interested the strength of individual houses can also be understood. And you can tune your life in such a way to opt for matters signified by houses which has a higher strength and soft pedal on matters signified by houses with a poor strength.

And the most interesting thing possible would be to make subjective comparisons of other horoscope with that of yours and understand where you stand in relation to others.

The ability to compare horoscopes will do well in Human Relations Departments in employing people where they work for a common goal. Matching horoscopes will definitely bring success to partnership ventures especially in marriages when the partners will be happy with each other if their horoscopes match well.

I am giving an example of a matching horoscope below for marriage purpose.


Male (Strength of Houses)

Female (Strength of Houses)

Male to Female Match

Female to Male Match

Match %



(Personality, Individuality)





(Wealth, assets, family, speech)





(Co-borns, confidants, courage)





(Happiness, comforts, pleasures)





(Children, intelligence, mind)





(Debts, Diseases, Enemies)





(Marital Happiness)





(Longevity, Distresses)





(Luck ,Fortune)





(Career/Profession,Job Satisfaction)





(Gains, Returns from Career)





(Wasteful Expenditure, Losses)













The two horoscopes of Male and Female match well with a 95.98% graded as Outstanding.

The Dasas (Periods), sub periods etc. can of course be used to time certain good and bad times. There are different schools of thought in these matters like Vimsothari Dasa and Narayana Dasa etc. Narayana Dasa is based on the houses and that would be more appropriate if you follow the above system of mark sheets which primarily is based on strength of houses which incorporates well the strength of Planets, lordships of houses, its nature and positioning and aspectual strengths. The planets dispositions can also be calculated as is given in the following example.

Planet Good % Bad% Nature
Sun 66.20 27.72 Benefic
Moon 22.73 58.33 Malefic
Mars 58.57 21.53 Benefic
Mercury 9.23 83.05 Malefic
Jupiter 66.47 26.42 Benefic
Venus 63.83 36.13 Benefic
Saturn 50.33 47.27 Benefic
Rahu 50.33 47.27 Benefic
Kethu 66.20 27.72 Benefic

Using the above you can determine which periods and subperiods are going to give you good results or otherwise.

Ramachandran Nambissan T.M.

About TMR

I am a retired Software architect with more than 55 years of experience in Software development, EDP Management and MIS starting from 1964 and belong to the first batch of computer professionals in India. My hobby is Astrological research. I am 75 years young. I have devised a scientific and mathematical method of evaluating a horoscope similar to the Mark Sheet you receive from Board of Schools or Universities after you complete a degree or diploma course of study using which you will know where you stand among your peers. The uniqueness of this method of evaluation is that you can use it in all schools of thought in Astrology including the Sayana System used by Westerners and the strength does not vary at all except for small decimal values. Read my blog and if interested, come through Paid services and your evaluation report in detail will be sent to you by email. I do not believe in remedies to propitiate the planets or Gods by shortcut means like wearing a stone, doing Poojas and Homas using a middleman like priest or pundit or anyone who has made it a profession. Nor do I believe in penance or sacrifices done by hurting yourself or someone else. I believe that Prayers to God by the self is the only means of getting His blessings which can ease our problems of mind and body and help us in happy living. Brokers are not entertained by God in this regard. You can contact me on Whatsapp 9847823847.

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