Is Chakra Healing Scientific or Superstition

chakra healing

There are many people believe chakras are nothing more than something purely spiritual. The reality is that there a science to chakra healing. These energy centers are located at critical points throughout the body. These are power physical locations of the body. It is easy to explore these energy centers and make the scientific connection to how they interact with the well-being of the physical body.

Cellular Energy

Science has proven the cells which make up the human body emit radiation. This is proof they are a source of power and energy. The foods we consume can feed these power sources with mineral and nutrients to keep these cells in working order. If we feed the body with foods which are filled with chemicals and free radicals, we are not giving these cells the fuel they need to perform properly. The foods which are prescribed in maintaining the chakras are those which fall into alignment with those which have been found by science to keep the cells in these specific parts of the body functioning properly.

Mental Energy

The spiritual community was the first to realize the power of the mind and thoughts. Later the scientific community was able to prove the different energy is emitted by the body where people have different thought. Positive thought produces positive energy and negative thoughts produce negative energy. Further scientific investigation has been able to reveal that there is in fact a mind and body connection. This connection can make people ill or it can be used to heal people. It has also been found that a positive mood and body connection can keep the physical body in a state of well-being. The mediation which is used to keep the third eye chakra in balance can produce positive electromagnetic energy. These positive brain waves can have a healing effect on the other chakras of the body.

The Power of The Heart

There is even scientific evidence which show electromagnetic energy which is emitted from the heart to several feet outside of the body. This is the location of the one the chakras. The positive body maintenance exercises and practices used to keep energy balanced in this chakra are those used to keep this energy positive flowing. They also keep the physical heart in good health. It has been easy in the past to dismiss the concept of chakras and their relationship to science. The evidence produced by the scientific community makes it difficult to ignore the connection. As the body of scientific knowledge grows regarding this connection it is easy to better understand the strong connection between the mind, body and spirit. This new knowledge lets us know just how important it is for all people to learn about their chakras and participate in practices which keep them healthy and in alignment. Once we all embrace the deeper connection of science and spirituality the easier it is for all of us to engage in practices which improve the quality of our lives in every aspect.

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