Taurus and Taurus – Compatibility in Sex, Love and friendship

taurus and taurus compatibility

Taurus is well known as the gentle lover and so when two Taurus bulls get together, this should be a relationship that is characterized by a lot of love, affection, caressing, romance and a great depth of emotion.

  • Taurus and Taurus Compatibility

The compatibility of these two lovers is very sensual, stable and sweet. They are mirror images of each other and so understand each other a great deal. Emotional security is something that’s very important to a Taurus and compatibility with another partner is usually measured in terms of how the other partner is likely to rock the boat of their relationship. With this in mind, a Taurus partner is very unlikely to rock the boat as he/she also wants the same emotional security.

Though these two Taurus lovers share the same desire for life and a great passion with each partner highly loyal and extremely faithful, they can easily hit a rut as their relationship can be so set in stone that it becomes boring and loses the spark that keeps people in a relationship together.

Though their compatibility is highly favored by the fact that they understand each other, each of them is going to need to work harder to bring in the spontaneity in their relationships and keep the fire burning bright.

The wooing part of this relationship is quite drawn out and long because the Taurus man wants to make sure that their partner is worth sacrificing for or not. On the other hand, the Taurus woman likes playing hard to get and wants to be wooed in the traditional sense; going to the movies, a lot of romantic dinner dates, chocolates and a bunch of flowers.

Taurus and Taurus courtship is often characterized with expensive jewelry, luxurious dates and other luxurious gifts and so this can easily get very costly. Explaining the reason why most Taurus wait until they are financially secure before they start dating.

However, should a Taurus couple fall into difficult financial times ad one partner start feeling like the other is not providing s they should, sulkiness and resentment start rocking their boat and they both have to work hard to achieve stability else their relationship is going to be doomed.

Taurus are known to be very stubborn and so when they have different opinions, it can take quite a toll in their relationship. For example if the couple does not agree on issues such as politics, religion, how to bring up their kids, it can result in lengthy sulks until they both learn how to compromise.

  • Taurus and Taurus Sexual compatibility

Taurus is probably one of the most intense sensual sign, expressing its sexuality mostly through physical contact. Love for these two is mostly based on sharing their carnal pleasures and they understand exactly what each other likes and so are bound to have the strongest compatibility in bed.

These two have the most romantic and sensual encounters and they prefer having more traditional sexual relations and this seems to work perfectly for them.

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