Understand Your Boss With Zodiac Sign and Astrology

boss zodiac sign astrology

Your boss is, undeniably, one of the central characters of your everyday life. This is one person who can determine whether your work day will be smooth sailing or a living nightmare. Getting along with your boss can be crucial for you to get the recognition and, more importantly, the promotions you desire and work hard for. You might have had bosses you have hit it off with almost instantly. At other times, you might have had a supervisor who seemed out to “get you”, belittling your bright ideas, ignoring your hard work and blocking your progress. Your boss has personality traits, preferences and quirks, often determined by his or her zodiac sign. Read on to know what to expect when you have a boss belonging to a particular zodiac sign.

The Aries Boss

Your Aries Boss is a “win win” type of a person. Here is a person who aims to win and will let you win as well, especially when your efforts merit it. Driven, hard working and super ambitious, the Aries boss makes an outstanding leader. Your Aries boss will encourage you to achieve your potential and will let you bask in the limelight, when your work deserves appreciation and recognition. Being the outstanding leader that your Aries boss is, can give him or her a forceful, aggressive personality. To maintain harmony at the workplace, you will have to be more mellow and non-confrontational when interacting with your boss.

The Taurus Boss

Your Taurus Boss has astute business sense. In no way brash or rash, here is someone who knows how to make the best decisions and keep cool under duress. You will do well to maintain a refined, conservative persona at your work place when you have a Taurus supervisor. Loud behavior and excessive bragging can be put your Taurus boss off. The Taurus traits of loyalty and hard work hold true even at the work place. Your boss will expect you to put in your best effort and be loyal, for you to progress.

The Gemini Boss

Having a Gemini boss can be a fun experience. Networking and grapevine gossip will be the name of the game. The Gemini trait of being high strung and indecisive often makes an appearance at the work place. You will do well when you are the person your boss can rely on to make infallible snap decisions. If you can meet tight deadlines, while maintaining exceptional work quality, will make your Gemini boss value you immeasurably and ensure you reap monetary rewards and get promoted.

The Cancer Boss

Your cancer boss is dead serious about his or her career and they will expect you to be on the same page. Your boss will almost always be glued to his or her work station, going over reports and power point presentations just one more time, to ensure everything is perfect. Your Cancer boss is dedicated and appreciates an ethical, hardworking approach to work from subordinates. Yet, at heart your boss is a sympathetic kind of person, the type who understands when you call in sick or need leave to attend a family engagement.

The Leo Boss

A smart thinker and highly motivated, your Leo boss can inspire the team to do its best. Your boss can be such a charmer, he or she will talk you into working extra hours and even on the weekends, if the workload demands it, and you may not even feel that much resentment. Your boss will make up for the extra effort the team puts in by taking the team out for exciting team building events and other outings. Yet, remember that your Leo boss thrives on praise and appreciation. Don’t ask for trouble by contradicting the boss or by trying to improve upon what your boss is saying.

The Virgo Boss

Your Virgo boss has an almost “technical” approach to work. The predominant Virgo traits of being logical about all things and being supremely level-headed make a show at the work place. Expect to show up at work on time each and every day, be unpunctual even once and expect to hear no end of it. Rest assured that what your boss expects from you, he or she is putting in twice the effort at the work place.

The Libra Boss

Your Libra boss is the type who will constantly think out of the box and come up with the most creative ideas and solutions. Your boss will make sure that the workplace feels welcoming and fun to all who work there. While the bulk of the time at work will be spent working, there will always be time for fun time and times when your boss will walk up to you and each team member to have a little chat and to keep the team motivated.

The Scorpio Boss

Your Scorpio boss expects nothing less than perfection. The Scorpio trait of being a control freak and excessively domineering makes a show at the work place. If you have an aggressive, strong personality yourself, you will do well by keeping a low profile and not getting confrontational with your boss under any circumstances. Your Scorpio boss sees himself or herself as the leader of the pack. Your boss will tell you what to do and give you deadlines and expects work to be accomplished within those timelines.

The Sagittarius Boss

Your Sagittarius boss is a friendly, talkative kind of a person. When you have great camaraderie going with the boss, you may occasionally get away with breaching deadlines and tardy reporting. Your boss is an optimist; sometimes he or she will set achievable targets and may think work will get done within certain timelines, even when the target is unattainable. If you are the practical, realistic type of a person, you can gain your boss’s trust and respect by meticulous planning of work and getting things done on time.

The Capricorn Boss

It will be easy for you to respect your Capricorn boss as his or her work ethics and hardworking nature will ensure that you do. Your boss will set an example you will want to follow. Here is the kind of person who has lofty goals and will actually, at some point, get there, based on merit and sheer hard work. Your Capricorn boss will work hard and long and may make you slog, as well. You may find it hard at times to get your leave requests approved, as, for your boss; work comes first and before everything.

The Aquarius Boss

When your Aquarius boss will talk to you, you will have to listen carefully. Often, you may be assigned tasks, this will be communicated to you, but, if you were not being attentive you will miss it. This is as your Aquarius boss will often talk about things in an offhand manner, being distracted by more pressing, urgent matters. This is also someone who thinks on his or her feet, making decisions and finding solutions that are right, as they go along.

The Pisces Boss

Your Pisces boss is a laid back kind of person. If you goof up and make a huge mess of things, your boss make not make a big deal out of it and may let you get away with nothing more than a mild reprimand. Your boss can seem to be this whimsical, moody person. On some days he or she will be upbeat and optimistic, on other days your boss may be cranky and hard to please. It is up to you to get along with your boss no matter which temperament your boss is exhibiting.

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