Libra and Pisces – Zodiac Signs Love Compatibility

Libra and Pisces compatibility

Pisces and Libra compatibility may be one of the most romantic of all zodiac combinations. When these two signs form a relationship, it will definitely be full of love, affection, and romance. However, this is probably one of the most challenging combinations as well. Although both signs are very considerate communicators, their partnership may quickly become complicated as they rarely see eye to eye.

At the beginning, this is typically a very romantic match. These two signs will share the appreciation of deep and meaningful connection and both are affectionate and sentimental by nature. Although they are both very flexible in communicating, the conversation between Libra and Pisces may become a source of frustration and often the weakest point in this relationship.

The idealist Libras live more in their head, always searching for perfect life, while the dreamer Pisces live in their heart, in a fantasy world far away from this life. Libras are sociable, exciting, they enjoy going out all the time making new friendships and are always up to new adventures. Pisces, on the other hand, are self-reliant and far more introverted, likely to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the home rather than the outside world. This may affect the relationship, as Libra may find Pisces highly reclusive, while Pisces would find it difficult to follow the gregarious life of their partner. Obviously, these signs have contradictory needs. When going through a crisis, Libra would want to talk it out, to rationalize and make all the efforts to go back to the previous idealistic state, trying to avoid the conflict at all cost and just hope for the best. Pisces, on the other hand, may withdraw completely and even cope with enormous depression as they realize they cannot get the emotional support they need from their lover. Libra tends to strategize and over-analyze things, whereas Pisces trust their emotions and find it hard to justify their position to someone who is just too logical and too analytical. Overall, neither are really emotionally ready to face the reality, the major requirement of compatibility.

However, the sexual chemistry here is likely to be good. Both signs share a romantic and sophisticated approach to sex. Both are passionate about lovemaking and both like to please their lover and put them on the pedestal. However, the fun and lighthearted Libras will definitely have to take the lead in bedroom, which they eventually may find frustrating. The gentle Pisces, on the contrary, may want a deeper level of emotional connection with their lover. Also, Libras are far more aggressive in bed. However, if the couple works this out, there will definitely be magic in the bedroom.

Although Libra and Pisces relationship may suffer during a crisis, there is a great spiritual connection and magic between them which can over-ride the difficulties once the partners find a way to communicate. The question is, will they succeed in this? Given their opposite personalities, hardly but let’s hope for the best.  [review]


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