Libra and Scorpio – Love friendship Sexual compatibility

Libra and Scorpio

Libra and Scorpio are two contrasting personalities but which when merged, can result in a stable and productive relationship. The contrast is seen where Libra are intelligent, charming, easygoing and diplomatic whereas Scorpio are loyal, passionate, resourceful, observant and dynamic. Concurrently, Scorpios are fiercely independent and are able to accomplish anything they purpose to do while Libras view loneliness as unnatural and very sad. Unlike the Libra, Scorpios are not social butterflies and prefer to live on their own. That way, there is never any issue of who controls what at home.

There are some traits possessed by Scorpio that strongly attracts a Libra. These include:


If a Scorpio makes up their mind on something, it is almost impossible to convince them to divert from their plans or to consider other opinions. On the other hand, Libra are not able to make decisions. A Scorpio can make decisions for a Libra and they will gladly go along with it and be happy that they took control.


They are jovial and passionate but not careless or immature. Their characters are well balanced and one would really anticipate being in company of Scorpio as they are very interesting. Libras greatly differ in this. Though they are charming, loving and associative they love posh items and would rather spend money on lively activities rather than pay the home bills. A relationship between the two will promote finance management as well as having time to spend out.


Scorpio are led by instincts and make the right decisions at an opportune time. They can also read the mind of other people easily. Where a Libra and Scorpio are in a relationship, the Scorpios instinct can shield the Libra from darts of manipulation due to exploitation of their desire to keep everyone happy.

Scorpio and Libra seem to have a natural ease when relating. They are obsessed with romantic connection and together provide the complete ingredients for love, that is, Libra rules partnerships and devotion while Scorpio rules emotion, sex and intimacy. The two complement and complete each other.

From another point of view, Scorpios may not be comfortable with Libras’ tendency to flirt. This may evoke strong and harsh arguments as Scorpios will tend to be jealous. This will however be resolved amicably by Libras who are diplomatic and have a nice listening ability and a great deal of patience.

In addition, Scorpios indulge more in deep emotional connection and tend to offer more of them to the relationship. On the other hand, Libras prefer something that is lighter, with more fun and where they are able to flirt and seductively approach others even when still in a relationship

When it comes to intimacy, Scorpio will always appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of Libra and will provide them fully. Scorpio will be more concerned on building Libra’s esteem by complimenting them as they know this will really please them.

Libra in some way may also be concerned about the Scorpio and help them become an extrovert and sociable without them changing their personality.

This is therefore a relationship where one party with some deficits is able to replenish them by associating with the other party and thus form a whole.

The best form of this compatibility is where Scorpio is a male and Libra a female.

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