Life After Death

life after death

This is one of the most sought-after subjects for every human being which is quite intricate and an unfathomable one too. After my over five decades of experience in Astrological research, I had a premonition at 73 years of age as to what happens after death induced by some unknown instinct ably aided by my theories on scientific evaluation of a horoscope and the associated articles I have published on my blog.

Astrology is a method of evaluating one’s life from birth to death based on the date, time and place of birth. Life on earth is a bounded one both in terms of human form and mental faculties till death which cannot be predetermined using any science known to us. However, we can classify our life into periods based on the Mahadasas which in turn are based on the planets in the zodiac and their respective positions which are permanently in motion which give us varied influences in our mental and physical faculties for a maximum of 120 years of a lifetime. We have a natal chart based on the time of birth and a method to evaluate transitory influences which let us know the implications of planets at different points of time to guide us through our actions in life.

Now what happens when we die. We lose our form or the physical container of life, but the life remains which has no beginning or end. And where will the life be? It continues to be in a container very similar to a human form but a transparent one which cannot be seen by other human beings. Life itself in the transparent container can have all the faculties of a human being like seeing other lives and communicating with them. They have the added faculty of one-way communication with the living beings too. And they do not have to eat and procreate to maintain the new form of life. This form of life is called the Atma or soul.

And now the question arises as to what is the function of these souls which are in millions or trillions, we do not know the size of this soul population? They help God, the almightly in maintaining and sustaining the living beings in the universe. They provide inspiration to the living beings aiding them to take appropriate decisions as destined by God. You might observe that when we travel in a vehicle, many times we have a close shave and escape death by a fraction of a second. And it is due to some soul’s intervention to protect you as directed by God. After a very prolonged time sometimes these souls if they desire to have another term of life as human, they are permitted to do so and enter the living body in the form of an embryo and start all over again in life as humans or any other creature in the living world.

God has the main duty of sustenance of this Universe which he has created and it is the community of souls which help Him in doing that. They travel worldwide and take such courses of action which is needed in the smooth running of this Universe.  So never worry about death, you will only be joining the community of the souls in the divine world.

Often as a human being, I have found some places where I have been to for the first time seems to be very familiar to me and I have a feeling that I have gone there sometime in the past. Naturally it could only be during my sojourn as a soul in the divine world in the past.

It is wonderful that every living being in this world are unique in nature. Even the leaves of a tree are unique in their dimensions and size. And no two births will ever take place at the same time at the same longitude and latitude. And that is why no two human beings are alike and have different characteristics in life.

So, the life is a never-ending process. Only the container or the body dies.  Be happy and look forward to your divine life which is without restraints and rules.

Sin, Satan, Heaven and Hell

Sin is defined as a task done by a human against the law of the land which could be different in different countries and communities. And it is ruled by Satan who provokes you to do it. Usually the punishment for the Sin is meted out to the sinner by the courts of justice or by the God through his assistants, the souls. Having sex with opposite sex is no crime at all as long as mutual consent is there. So, it is evident there is no need for a Hell while the sinners are punished during their lifetimes so that they can also join the community of souls after death. Heaven is the world of communities of souls where all necessary amenities to them are always provided by the God.

Best wishes,

Ramachandran Nambissan T M, Navagraha, Kozhikode, India-673004. [email protected]

Dated 21 Feb 2019.

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