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Mercury Retrograde – Vedic Remedies to Survive this period

The influence of Mercury is accentuated when it is retrograde. When a planet is retrograde it seems to be going backwards. This occurs, as while orbiting between the sun and the earth, Mercury gets closer to the earth. According to Vedic beliefs, Mercury is associated with setting goals and following it up with concrete actions, to achieve the goals. When mercury is placed in an auspicious house in the horoscope, the person is organized and has an eye for details. Mercury in an inauspicious house can make one indecisive and fickle minded. Retrograde mercury impacts each person in a different way. While some notice no difference, for others this is a time for introspection, to revisit past decisions, make amends and fix problems, if necessary. Re-look at things which you have probably ignored till now.

Difficulties and obstacles crop up for some when Mercury goes retrograde. It can influence the behavior, intelligence, decision making capabilities and the outlook of a person. When the influence is negative, a person may make and change decisions often, which can lead to unpleasant complications later on. As mercury is linked with Media and telecommunications, Mercury in retrograde is associated with technical break-downs.

Remedies for retrograde Mercury reduce the negative influence of this phase. Temple visits, fasting, reciting sacred texts and making donations are some traditional remedies that elevate the problems that are associated with this phase. The problems and difficulties that occur at this time subside and gradually fade away.

Listed below are a few powerful remedies for retrograde Mercury.

Fasting and Temple Visits

Worship of Lord Ganesha brings relief from the negative impact of retrograde Mercury. Fast on Wednesdays and offer ladoos at the Ganesha temple. Water the Tulsi plant daily and recite the Vishnu Sahasranama during this phase.

Chant Mantras

Worship of Lord Vishnu elevates the difficulties that are experienced at this time. Chant the Vishnu mantra “Om Namo Bhagavathe Vsudevaya Namaha” 108 times every day.

Make donations

Donate objects that are associated with Mercury for relief from the hardships that occur during this phase. Donate gold and green colored objects. Offer rice, milk, yellow colored clothing and chana dal in temples when Mercury is retrograde.

Other Traditional Remedies

Offer water to the rising sun, every morning, to enhance energy levels, to heal the body, the mind and to improve the circumstances. Place a glass of water at the bedside each night and water a Peepal tree with this water, the next morning. Feed cows regularly and look after their welfare. Wear silver jewellery around the neck and a steel ring when Mercury is retrograde.

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