Missing Flight MH 370 from Malaysia to China – Astrology Analysis

Missing Flight MH 370 from Malaysia to China - Astrology Analysis


Horoscope chart of flight 370 from Malaysia

Horoscope of Malaysia Airlines MH 370 

Date: 08 March 2014

Time: 00:41 AM

Place: Kuala Lumpur

First of all my heart and mind is with those who have been affected by this tragedy. As the whole world is still baffled by the sudden disappearance of flight 370 from Malaysia to Beijing which started from Kuala Lumpur International Airports on 8th March 2014 at 00:41 local time. I thought of taking an astrology analysis as to why this event ever happened.

Horoscope Analysis of Missing Flight MH 370

As we can see that from the horoscope chart given above, that the Scorpio sign rising at the time the flight started from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia for Beijing. The ascendant is at 13.44 degrees in Anuradha Nakshtra ruled by Saturn. Saturn is in the 12th house positioned along with lagnesh or ascendant lord Mars closely conjoined with Rahu (North Node of the Moon). The 12th house is the house of losses, secrets, ordeal and difficulties. Cojoined Mars and Rahu (Northern Node) gives accidents, bloodshed, injuries. As Rahu indicates electronic system there are strong chances that there could have been a major mechanical / technical error.  As Mars is the planet of aggression, violence there are strong chances that could have been a reason for the disaster. Mars and Rahu indicate violence, attack, bloodshed therefore a terrorist attack cannot be ruled out either.  Another thing to see is that Mars and Saturn are retrograde in the 12th house along with Rahu, which always move in indirect motion. Therefore three retrograde planets in the 12th house.

Another important thing to note is that the Moon was exactly opposite at 13:14 degrees in Taurus its sign of exaltation and in Rohini Nakshatra also ruled by Moon. Moon in exaltation is exceptionally strong and closely aspects the Ascendant. The Ascendant is the birth of an event and is the first house while the 7th house which is exactly opposite to the first house indicates the end or the Maraka stan (killer) in Vedic Astrology. The 7th lord Moon very close aspect on the ascendant degree becomes the strong Marka or killer influence on the birth. Also in Western astrology 7th lord is the open enemy, therefore after some time as Moon moved more closely towards 13:44 degrees of ascendant the Maraka (killer ) effect became quite lethal. The 8th house is the house of longevity and its lord Mercury in 3rd along with 12th lord. 

Where Possibly Can be Flight MH 370 ?

There are certainly a possibility that the plane may have gone underwater as strong Marka (Killer) Moon represents water and Scorpio is a Watery sign and its lord Mars is in the 12th house, and there is strong possibility that the plane ended in water or close to the sea. A terrorist / sabotage act cannot be ruled out as Rahu and Mars are in the 12th house. We may call it destiny or ill fate but there is no denying that the horoscope chart at the time of the flight took off was heading for disaster.

God Bless all those families who have been severely affected by this tragedy.

4 thoughts on “Missing Flight MH 370 from Malaysia to China – Astrology Analysis

  1. sir, some more points i want to clarify
    · Mercury stands for transportation. The affliction to mercury is a basic feature.
    · The 3rd house in the natural zodiac stands for short trips. This is gemini. Gemini also signifies airy sign. Affliction to gemini is another primary feature in all air accidents.
    · If moon is transiting in the stars associated with the above points and is devoid of positive influence of jupiter at the time of mishap, the fatalities are certain.
    ·DIRECTION- Mars represent south direction and saturn indicate west; & rahu represent south-west, hence south- west direction will be severely affected. So accordingly these countries will get affected north america, south america, gulf countries, pacific ocean, europe region, australia will be severely affected.
    · The 5 upagrahas will be in malefic connections or in malefic houses particularly in 8th and 12th from accident time lagna
    the accident time lagna will be in malefic drekkanas. The affliction caused to drekkana lagna and its lord determines the severity.
    · Dasa Can Give Timeline And Other Insights (Vimsottari Dasa)
    Moon MD: 2011-10-06 (9:37:37 Am) – 2021-10-05 (11:10:08 Pm)
    Rah AD: 2013-03-03 (5:59:48 Am) – 2014-09-05 (11:13:30 Am)

    · As many planets are clustered in airy tatwa which represents west and mars(west)/sat(west)/rahu(sw) are planet for disaster. Just check if kuala lampur flights fall in this range or area.
    1) Scorpio geography: algeria, baltimore (maryland), bavaria, catalonia (spain), dover (england), fez (morocco), frankfurt (germany), ghent (belgium), halifax (nova scotia), hull (england), judea, korea, liverpool (england), messina (sicily), milwaukee (wisconsin), morocco, new orleans (louisiana), newcastle (england), norway, paraguay, queensland (australia), st. John’s (newfoundland), stockport (england), syria, south africa, washington d.c., worthing (england).
    2) Libra geography: antwerp (belgium), argentina, austria, land bordering the caspian sea, china, copenhagen (denmark), upper egypt, frankfurt (germany), fribourg (switzerland), parts of india near china, indo china, japan, johannesburg (south africa), leeds (england), lisbon (portugal), livonia, nottingham (england), savoy, siberia, tibet, upper airy rooms, vienna (austria).

    so libra-west, sat-west, mars-south, rahu -sw

  2. Casting new time same date horoscope for mh370- mar 8, 2014, 8.11 am as per last signal report
    1) mar 8, 2014, 8.11 am the ascendent shifted to pisces. Pisces is watery sign so over indian ocean is correct
    2) Australia and madagascar are visible parts of place in indian ocean
    Sagittarius geography: Arabia, Australia, Avignon (France), Branford (England), Chile, Cologne (Germany), Czechoslovakia, Cape Finisterre (Spain), Provence in Spain, Hungary, Madagascar, Moravia, Naples (Italy), Narbonne (France), Nottingham (England), France Provence, Sheffield (England), Singapore, Slavonia, Spain, Stuttgart (Germany), Sunderland (England), Toledo (Ohio), Toronto (Ontario), Tuscany (Italy), upper rooms, upstairs.
    3) Direction of pisces is north. Transit sun is in pisces and sun direction is east. So next search
    area is north-east of indian ocean.
    4) outer planets Neptune- deception and Uranus- stress, sudden change (western astrology)

  3. Plane mh370 path based on direction using signs. Every 2 hrs lagna changes, so in ur chart keep changing every 2hrs observe the lagna changing signs and apply direction those signs represent. Need zodiac ruler ship for each country and its place to spot the plane
    1) Scorpio-north- 12. 41 departure
    2) Sagittarius-east – 2.15 am. Plane loses radar and radio contact in place kota bharu east of malysian town,
    3) Capricorn-south- 4.05 am plane is here
    4) Aquarius-west 6.00 am plane here
    5) Pisces- north 8.11 report says it was last in indian ocean
    6) So inside malysia I need now zodiac wise place/city names

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