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Saturn is Retrograde – Know its Importance Effects and Remedies


Saturn’s placement in the horoscope is looked at closely by an astrologer. This is because the influence of Saturn can be either positive or negative. A strongly placed Saturn can confer prestige, riches and grand success. An unfavourably placed Saturn may cause hardships, delays, obstacles, poverty, ill-health and accidents. The negative influence of Saturn can become more pronounced during the 7.5 years period of the Saturn Sade Satti, and in the period of the Saturn Mahadasha and when Saturn goes retrograde.


According to Vedic beliefs, Saturn teaches tough life lessons. Karmic debts are repaid during the different phases associated with this planet. These periods also teach patience through delays and obstacles, and success through hard work and persistence.  During the period when Saturn is retrograde, the influence of Saturn is towards introspection of karma. If Saturn is favourably placed in the horoscope, during the Saturn retrograde phase, its influence may vary from being beneficial at times and negative at other times. If the planet is placed in an inauspicious house in the birth chart, the negative impact may become acute and severely malefic during the retrograde period.

In Hinduism, deep seated beliefs exist about Karma. The spoken word, actions and even thoughts are believed to create positive or negative Karma. Actions that harm no one and ideally benefit others are said to be rewarded according; deeds that harm other beings are believed to create bad Karma and must be repaid during the phases associated with Saturn. During Saturn retrograde, the emphasis shifts to introspection of past actions. Events occur that force individuals to think about their past actions and to determine the cause of their existing circumstances. The Saturn retrograde is, in this way, a time to reap what was sown earlier.

Saturn retrograde impacts individuals according to the house Saturn is in, in the natal horoscope. Rather than being a phase that is to be dreaded, the Saturn retrograde period offers an opportunity to pay off past karma and to grow spiritually by living through difficulties and hardships. The feelings of being held-back are strong when Saturn is retrograde. Actions often bring little or no results and projects that are started meet with unexplained delays or have to be abandoned mid-way. For this reason, astrologers recommend against starting new projects during this period. While there is no way to completely escape the influence of a regressed Saturn, Vedic remedies work to mitigate the malefic influence of this period.

In 2019 : Saturn Retrograde from April 30 2019 till 18 September 2019

Remedies for Saturn retrograde that you can do are given below:

Visit Shani Temple every Saturdays Barefoot for Consecutive 43 Days

Recite Mantra “Om Praam Preem Praum Sah Shaneshcharaya Namaha” 23,000 times

Wear  Neelam (Blue Sapphire) only after making sure that Neelam will suit you.

Donate Til, Mustard oil, iron utensil to needy people

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