Surya Arghya-Benefits and Procedure of giving water to Sun

water to sun

The early morning ritual of offering water to Surya, the sun god, is a sacred one for Hindus. Practicing this ritual improves your health and grants you professional success. This ancient practice improves your energy levels and heals your body and your mind. The rays of the early morning sun are considered to be beneficial for humans. According to Vedic beliefs, the sun governs overall health and the eyes. When the placement of the sun is in an inauspicious house in the birth chart, it is said to cause health issues pertaining to the eyes and the heart. The individual also finds it difficult to progress professionally as Sun is the significator or karka of profession.

The procedure of giving water to the sun elevates the negative influences of an inauspiciously placed sun and brings relief from the health concerns that crop up due to this reason. Offering water to Surya helps with heart problems, with issues of the eyes, brings relief from jaundice and is said to be a cure for issues of the mind. Apart from improving your health, this custom helps you with your professional life, as the sun also governs social prestige, seniority, position, fame and overall success in profession.

The Procedure of Giving Water to the Sun

This ritual takes place within an hour of sunrise. It must be practiced daily. The ceremony is done after taking a bath. Wearing clean clothes is also required to undertake this custom. In severe cold weather, the bath can be replaced by thoroughly washing your face, arms and legs, before starting the ritual.

You need a copper vessel for this ritual. Fill the vessel with water and add honey or sugar to it. Go to a place from where the rising sun is clearly visible. In the monsoon, when the sun is not visible, stand facing the east, as this is the position of the sun at this time of the day. Start the ritual by holding the vessel up, towards the sun. Offer water to the sun by pouring a steady stream of water from the vessel and reciting the Surya Mantra.

Surya Mantra



“ॐ घरिणी सूर्याय नमः”

The above Surya mantra is chanted while pouring water from the vessel. Make sure that you have chanted the mantra for a minimum of 11 times, by the time you have emptied the vessel of water.

Once the vessel is empty, touch the place on the ground where you poured the water, with your fingers, and then raise your fingers to your forehead. Wet your fingers once again with the water on the ground and this time touch your eyes. Repeat the process and touch your throat this time. With this the ritual is complete. While leaving the place, avoid stepping on the place where you poured water, to maintain the sanctity of the ritual.

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