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Powerful Ways to Remove Evil Eye – Buri Nazar

Evil Eye

Powerful Ways to Remove Evil Eye Buri Nazar or Malocchio or Drishti is the term used commonly for denoting “Evil Eye”. This is a term that refers to certain unexpected events happening all of a sudden in our routine normal life.    eyesight problems, fever, severe stomach pain, quarrels between members in a family, little infants will suddenly cry without any …

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Ways to Protect from Negative energy, Buri Nazar or Evil eye

remove buri nazar

Since ancient times people have feared what is known as Nazar or the evil eye. When children fall sick for no apparent reason or things start going wrong or numerous obstacles come. It is believed that it is because of an evil eye or some nazar. Ancient Irish legends speak of evil eye of Balor, one eye giant, which also …

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