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Scientific Research on Astrology: How to Write an Astrology Paper?

Research on Astrology

Scientific Research on Astrology Astrology is a belief in the divine impact of space objects on human life. Each life event is thought to have its reason related to astronomy. This is pseudoscience as there is no evidence of such a connection. There is a great discussion on whether we can consider astrology science or not. Research on astrology has …

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How to technically Evaluate a Horoscope and transits

horoscope predictions

I am writing this article at the behest of many of my readers who would like to know how I calculate the strengths of planets and houses and evaluate them to produce a Mark sheet of Life. Needless to say, to understand this article one has to have a basic knowledge and should be familiar with the terms and axioms …

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Learn Astrology – Scientific Astrology – A New Version

Learn astrology

Learn Astrology – Scientific Astrology – A New Version So, you are interested to Learn astrology, well there are numerous methods of astrology given on the internet. In this article, I have explained the system which is very scientific and logical. It is a different approach to astrology. Hope you like it and learn something new from it. Is Astrology …

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