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Scientific Research on Astrology: How to Write an Astrology Paper?

Scientific Research on Astrology

Astrology is a belief in the divine impact of space objects on human life. Each life event is thought to have its reason related to astronomy. This is pseudoscience as there is no evidence of such a connection. There is a great discussion on whether we can consider astrology science or not. Research on astrology has been going for hundreds of years. 

Science applies different methods of investigation. We can watch the events and analyze them. People who study astrology watch the events and behaviors. They create statistics and analyze them. Depending on the statistics, the researchers make assumptions. Then they make hypotheses and try to prove them. So, there is part of science in this belief. To help astrology develop, we can create new scientific works.

There are universities that allow studying astrology. After graduation, students get an astrology degree. If you are an astrology student, you may need to write scientific research. It may be difficult for students to write in a scientific language. You cannot only describe your thoughts. You should first consider the research of other scientists. You may purchase a research paper from a writing service. Yet, here is some advice to create it yourself.

There is an important problem in writing scientific research on astrology. As it is not considered a science, you will have difficulties with publishing it. So, to get it published, you should carefully choose the topic.

The Best Topic for the Research on Astrology

The topic of your research should be considered scientific. To find the right subject, you may choose the one related to another existing science. It is important when you write the research for a respected journal. If you write for a women’s magazine, you may be sure that it will be published. Yet, people will not trust it. To develop astrology, you should choose credible topics. Let’s look at the options.

Zodiacal light

Zodiacal light is faint like on the horizon. People think it may be the reflection of space dust. The topic is considered scientific. There is astronomy research in this field. Zodiacal signs are related to astrology. So, you can safely write about the light. One of the most famous researchers in this field is Queen.

Psychology or sociology topics related to the astrology

This may include information about the impact of astrology on people. People, especially women, tend to have astrological beliefs. They read horoscopes and believe the information in them.

Yet, the horoscopes in journals are often written using authors’ imagination. They are not related to reality. Even credible horoscopes are not often true. Some people make decisions depending on the information they read in such journals. This impacts their life for sure. You can write a research paper about how human psychology works in this case. What are the reasons for such behavior? Is it correct?

Some people believe in the power of numbers. They do certain actions on exact days. This may also impact their lives as the days may not be good at all. Yet, some numerical research is based on reality. For example, there are dates with magnetic storms. These days, the human general state gets worse. So, such dates are not good for planning important events.

Economics topics related to astrology

What can you research in economics? One topic may be about people who buy the journals. The more popular astrology is, the more journals and talismans people buy. It all impacts the market and demand. You may also consider the need for astrologers in the modern world. Depending on this need, you may state the number of working places and budget for astrology.


Another option is to write a research paper on the history of astrology. In the paper, you can watch the evolution of the beliefs. Talk about famous scientists in this field and their works. You may also consider the origin of astrology.

Write about the beliefs of ancient people of the world. How did the beliefs differ in different countries? Look at the most important dates. Talk about what scientific researches were conducted in this field. What is not known for sure?

Write for a blog

If you do not need to have your paper recognized, you may publish it in a blog. You may choose to pay someone to publish the work as their blog article. Such payments are small, but everyone will read your research paper.

If you are an astrologer, you can create your own blog. There, you will publish your research topics yourself. People will read everything they need about astrology. In the blog, you will have no restrictions about the topic. This lets you do broader research and develop astrology. Yet, the research will not be considered credible. Here, you should choose what your audience is and what your goals are.

For the perfect astrology content for website or astrology research paper, you may address an online writing service. There are websites that give help with astrology assignments. The writers are professional astrologers. They are experts in astrology and in writing.

So, the paper will be both good-looking and professional. They will invent an innovative and credible topic. It is important when you publish the work as it should attract the readers’ attention. The writers will deliver the paper with no plagiarism and grammatical mistakes. The experts know how to write in scientific language and format the paper. So, you will get a high mark and you will be able to publish the work.

Hope you liked this blog on Scientific Research on Astrology. If you have ideas that can contribute to this article, please comment below.


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