Taurus and Aquarius – Compatibility in Sex, Love and friendship

Taurus Aquarius

These two are very compatible in the zodiac but they are really opposite in real life and this relationship has a great potential of being uncomfortable. Taurus and Aquarius view life through two very different lenses.

  • Taurus and Aquarius – Compatibility

Aquarius is innately eccentric and visionary and may not understand Taurus who desires a stable and conventional lifestyle. Taurus in most cases is not able to stomach Aquarius’ unemotional and aloof stance.

This is not to say that these have absolutely no shot at love. In fact, this relationship can be very strong in the event that both of them are head over heels with each other. For this relationship to work, it is important to understand where each person is coming from.

Taurus, the lover is ruled by Venus, which is the planet of beauty, love, good life and great romance. Aquarius on the other hand is ruled by two planets, Saturn which is the planet of responsibility, austerity, restriction and severity and Uranus which is the planet of rebels and the unpredictable.

The union is therefore quite tumultuous when Saturn refuses to comply with Venus/ lifestyle or when Saturn challenges Taurus’ desire for stability and a good life. In simple terms, it is as if this union has no channel of communication that both can understand.

Even when deeply in love, these two seemingly talk a different language than that of love. Aquarius is driven by a great motivation to save the world while Taurus is only concerned with those he/ she loves. In the case where Taurus and Aquarius both want to make this relationship work, they can try and compromise on important issues for the sake of a good relationship but even this is not easy.

Taurus who desires trust and stability will be constantly looking over his/ her shoulders because it is not quite easy to trust that Aquarius will not be eccentric and unpredictable especially with regard to important issues in a relationship.

However, if both of them are purely focused on making this relationship work, they can take time to learn good attributes from each other. Aquarius can show Taurus that there is a big and beautiful world out here, helping Taurus become more responsive, caring and sensitive to Aquarius’ needs. Taurus can also teach Aquarius how to love and be emotionally aware making them both happy to be with each other.

  • Taurus and Aquarius – Sexual compatibility

Initially, before these two understand each other, the sexual compatibility is quite poor as they do not know what the other partner wants and how to satisfy them fully. However, as they fall in love and come to appreciate each other’s differences, they also teach each other how to make love in a way that they both enjoy.

This comes in handy after they have hard fierce arguments as sex is a great way to let of steam and say sorry without words. Aquarius needs to remember that Taurus is extremely jealous and possessive and Taurus too needs to meet Aquarius halfway and give him/ her some space to breathe.

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