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TAURUS is the second sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Venus, an orb of emotions and feelings, affecting them with the most positive results; it’s the planet of beauty and grace. It represents a desire for stability in all things, and an overall need for both emotional and material security. Venus’s influence inclines toward a love of luxury. TAURUS is characteristically stabled, reliable, and predictable. Being ruled by Venus, however, it also bestows on its subject’s great natural charm, and gives them the reputation of being the best-looking Zodiac group.

TAURUS is a sign of the fixed quality, although usually quite stubborn. The Fixed sign falls into fixed patterns, they won’t go anywhere without being thoroughly prepared. They will plan the whole trip ahead, carefully mapping out milestones that they must reach before they get to their final goal. Fixed movers pace themselves, and rarely fail to reach their destination. Fixed signs are resistant to change. They are perfectos and finishers, rather than originators. It is therefore very important for TAUREANS to learn to keep an open mind. TAURUS is also, in spite of the symbolic Bull, a feminine sign. The feminine signs are self-contained and strong through inner reserves. TAUREANS like creature comforts, enjoy sweet, rich food, and are very sensual. They make marvellous lovers, but are often too possessive, which a TAURUS would deny being possessive and see it as giving themselves to their partner and expect the same in return.

TAURUS robustly appreciates life, the beauty of the earth, the uniqueness of the moment. TAUREANS like to be sure that they are on firm ground, both psychologically and physically. A conventional approach appeals to TAUREANS because they prefer established things that are secure and dependable. Perseverance is the quality most needed for success. You tend to be successful. TAUREANS are fiercely loyal, thrifty, kindhearted, and they posses great personal charm. TAURUS tends to move rather slowly and steady; TAURUS greatest strength resides in their tenacity and steady, relentless drive. They are the original immovable object and irresistible force. They are well aware of where they are going. They usually prefer to feel unhurried as they go about their business. In their quite and pleasant way they could match any zodiac at getting the job done. They are great planners, and work hard to make those plans materialize. TAUREANS are very often passionate people with strong feelings and opinions. However, they may be slow to anger, once roused the rage is often considerable. From a TAURUS you can always be able to expect a warm and affectionate greeting.


The TAURUS lover have an overwhelming need for emotional security, they find it hard to step into the vast unknown of a new relationship. Security is the byword of every TAURUS. They look for permanence in career, a lover, marriage, and home. Steadfast and faithful to those whom they love, TAUREANS need to be very sure of their partners before making any commitment to them. TAUREANS are very generous and passionate individuals who prefer marriage or long-term relationships to the dating scene. The TAUREAN lover is persistent, consistent, and always eager to please their partner. An adventuresome person who enjoys a lot of experimentation and diversity would find the TAUREANS sensual side very alluring. Every move they make will be unhurried, and every act of love will be beautifully paced, with consideration for their partner’s needs. Inside every practical, stolid-seeming TAUREAN, there is a romantic dreamer struggling to get out.


The TAURUS friend is exceptionally steadfast and loyal. TAUREANS are the person others count on in the clutch, the one who perseveres when less determined spirits fall by the wayside. They treat their friends with the kind of respect and affection that most people reserve for family members or lovers. TAUREANS get along best with people who have the same interests as their own. These men and womenoften serve their friends in an advisory role; their advice is treasured.




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