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Dating a Coworker

Dating a Coworker – Do’s and Don’ts of Dating a coworker

Are you dating your co-worker, you are just trying to mixing up your business with pleasure. Get a clear idea about how to merge your love and job successfully. Here are the dos and Don’ts of dating a coworker:

Dos and Don’ts of dating a coworker

Dating a co-worker can make your office a romantic place

Work romance is increasing rapidly and people are not against dating a co-worker. Well, dating a co-worker comes with unique responsibilities and issues. Have you ever analyzed what is the correct way to behave in your workspace if you are dating your co-worker? Why do you want to tell about your relationship in your office? What if break up happens? How do you protect yourself from the negative impact on you and your career because of having a relationship with your co-worker? Well, check out these dos and don’ts of dating a co-worker.

Dos of Dating a co-worker

Check your company’s policy before dating your co-worker

Well, most of the companies have strict rules about dating co-workers. Some of the companies strictly forbid dating co-workers while some others have rules that you need to disclose about your relationship with a co-worker to your supervisor or to the human resource executives. Have a clear cut idea about your company policies before your relationship takes a serious mode with a co-worker.

Date someone who mentally clicks with you

If you are dating your co-worker you need more than just a sexual relationship and attraction. if you want to have a successful office romance never agree to hook up with your co-worker. You need to choose someone who has common qualities with you other than the employment place. If you get attracted to your co-worker on multiple levels it is worth considering dating the co-worker.

Think before you open up to your other co-workers

Think well before you open up your relationship with your peers unless you and your partner made your love official. It is awkward to keep secrets in the workspace especially when it comes to relationships but things will become even worse if your relationship ends in a short time after you expose your relationship with your peers.

Be professional at your workspace

Maintain a subtle relationship when your colleagues are aware of your relationship with your co-worker. Don’t tease each other in front of your colleagues and never by pet names. The most important thing never flirts.


Don’ts of Dating a co-worker

It is very difficult to have an office romance because you have to stay in fear of getting fired or you have to fire your relationship. Dating a co-worker is forbidden in most of the workspaces and it is not worth spoiling your career because of a relationship.

Sleep around with multiple co-workers

Gossips or rumors spread very fast like fire, particularly in the workspace. You really don’t want to stick in the mess that how many people you have already hooked up within your company. If it reaches your boss definitely it will affect your career and you will not get promoted to a higher position because of being the office player.

Don’t post about your relationship on social media

Keep your relationship away from social media till things get really serious. Discuss your relationship and update your social media post with your partner before you post.

Don’t turn your relationship breakup into office drama

If things don’t go well with your relationship, still you have to face each other every day in the office. Try to be professional towards one another. Quitting your job is not the right decision but being respectful towards each other can go a long way in winning the respect of both your colleagues and boss.

Hope you like these important tips of Dating a Coworker. Please comment below.

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