What is Vedic Astrology – Your first Introduction to Jyotish

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Learning Vedic Astrology / Jyotish can be complicated, especially if you do not have someone to guide you. Many people question if Astrology is genuine or fake. Know the experiences of world renowned Vedic Astrologer Navneet Khanna, as he explains his experience about astrology.  He is teaching Astrology online through Youtube videos where you can learn astrology through these simple step by step videos which will take you towards how to become a good astrologer. You will be able to reach not only your chart, but horoscopes of others as well.

This Basic Video is an introduction for people who are totally new in astrology. Beginners have multiple questions and many want to know, if Astrology is accurate, if it is a science. They want to know which school of Vedic astrology is good.  In this Video Astrologer Navneet Khanna, talks about what is Astrology and talks on basic questions of those who want more clarity on this Divine Science. So if you want to learn astrology start with this first Video.


2 thoughts on “What is Vedic Astrology – Your first Introduction to Jyotish

  1. Respected Sir,
    I have listened to your video 3/4 times and could make following conclusions.
    1. Your are yet to be perfect in this science.
    2. You told that Astrology is a perfect science and if some prediction or diagnosis goes wrong, it is astrologer who is at fault and not the science. But to a seeker it is the living guide (the astrologer) that matters not the book, not the scripture and also not the depth or correctness of the science.
    3. Better question is how to find a perfect astrologer for this perfect science.
    4. Every astrologer like a doctor makes tall claims and mostly he/she fails.
    5. Life of a common man these days is so complicated that he/she sees a prophet in every doctor. His problem aggravates then he goes to a specialist, again he feels deceived then he goes to temples and this circles ends with his life only.
    6. Was this treachery and deception was the purpose of this science? No it was not. I believe.
    7. Then what is way out? Answer this question.
    8. A really true concept can never have two interpretations. Here there are hundreds even thousands. Why?
    9. Knowledge and wisdom, when used as weapon, it never succeeds, never give results. To get correct here and there, one does not need specialization of any field.
    10. Something more than knowledge of futurology is required o guide the humanity. I strong believe. Please tell about that.
    You can discuss with me but sincerely.

    1. Read all articles on my blog navagrahastro.blogspot.in and you will be rid of all misconceptions about astrology and will learn how to use it in our life similar to roadsigns by a motorist.

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