Why is mangal dosha so important for Kundli Matching

mangal dosha

Why is Mangal dosha so important for Kundli Matching

A wedding or a Marriage is one of the most ethereal feeling that every individual feel when the wedlock is showered with love, affection and harmony. This is the commitment of the souls rather than the physical bodies. When the souls are bonded to each other, the inner beauty becomes more prominent than that of the physical beauty of the person.

No matter how madly we are in love with each other or no matter how much dedicated we are into our relationships, there is a force beyond our expectations that plays a huge role in shaping our future, life and reality.

During the process of Kundli milan, astrologers, provide the engrossing details about the life of both the individuals and how are they going to maintain a harmonious relationship after marriage. It not informs about the characteristics, nature, personality, spirituality, energy, health, happiness, career, finance and growth between the couple but also informs about the different Doshas that might form during the union.

One of the most important Doshas when checking Kundli Milan is the Manglik Dosha.

The planets and the other celestial bodies are always on the move and the Kundli or the placement of the planets at that specific time during the birth of the child determines their destiny. It influences every person at every sector of their life.

The position and influence of the planets determine the nature of the effects that it is going to bestow on the person. It can be positive or negative, depending upon the situated planets in the chart.

Planet Mars is known to be the warrior lord or the planet that brings a lot of energies and zeal with the individual born under it. They have the ability to excel at every sphere of their life with their power and enthusiasm. But in the case of marriage, this planet is famously known to be the “Jodi-breaker” because of their impact on the sector of marriage.

From the ancient Vedic Indian Astrology, the Manglik Dasha is known to bring ill-effects and negative instances in the luck of an individual especially for the marriage or the wedlock. When the planet Mars is gets situated in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses, it gives birth to this Dosha.

It is known to be highly unfavorable and is known to impart negativity and ill-effects in the life of a married couple. Such ill-effects can also lead to death of the partner who is not a Manglik. Apart from that, if this Dosha is not treated properly, it will create turmoil in the life of the couple leaving them disturbed in a marriage for a lifetime.

During the matching of the Kundlis, the Mangal Dosha/ Manglik Dosha is interpreted with the Janam Kundli of their potential partner. This process takes place before marriage.


  • Manglik Dosha is known to be one of the most dangerous traits in the life of an individual as there are chances that none of the Kundlis gets matched with theirs, resulting in remaining unmarried for the whole life.
  • When two individuals are in love, they tend to ignore the fact of Kundli matching as it might cause disruption in their partnership. If one of the individuals have Manglik Dosha in their chart and they get married without any proper remedies, it does not lead to a successful one because there would be constant problems that they would be facing due to the consequences of not taking measures before marriage.
  • There might be chances of financial crisis and loss of job after marriage due to the influence of Manglik Dosha in the Kundli matching. It influences the life of the partner immensely.
  • Due to the placement of Mars in the 12th house, there might be situations where the partner might under depression and there is stress that get formed in the relationship. If the couple is blessed with everything due to their other placements in the birth chart, still due to the influence of the Dosha, their life will always remain incomplete. They would never feel the completeness with their spouse.
  • There are chances that the couple might not be able to conceive due to the effect of this Dosha. The child brings a lot of happiness in the family and grows even a stronger bond between the parents due to their presence. With the stress of childbirth, there might be a strain in the relationship between the couple.


  • Manglik Dosha can be removed through the chanting of the maha mantra- Hanuman Chalisa. It is one of the most effective ways to help in reducing and eliminating the effects caused by the Dosha. Along with this, an individual should fast on Tuesdays to emit a stronger effect against the Dosha.
  • The person who discovered the Manglik Dosha during their Kundli matching needs to chant the strotam of Mangal Chandi, Angkarak Strota, and Mangal Kavachh for a peaceful life.
  • The best and the most effective solution for getting rid of this Dosha is when the potential partner of the individual is also a Manglik. Therefore, if both the partners have Manglik in their chart, it cancels outs the effect of the Doshas in both their charts.
  • Red Coral gemstone is highly recommended to be worn in the ring finger of the person influenced by the Dosha. It should be plated into a gold ring.
  • Navagraha mantras have a huge impact in getting rid of the Dosha for a happy marriage.
  • Kundli matching, itself, is one of the most powerful ritual to know about the Doshas by matching the Horoscopes and taking steps, according to it.

Because of the genuine Kundli matching in today’s world, people lead a life of their dreams.

 Kundli matching not only discovers the antagonist (Manglik Dosha) of your love story but also implements the protagonist (Remedies) to gain victory over it. In love life, it holds a very high importance as it not only shapes the couple’s future but also protects the couple like a shield by warning them about the difficulties and like a good friend, it also helps in overcoming them.

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