Yearly Horoscope 2017 – Know the Year Ahead

horoscope 2017

2017 will see important planetary movements. First there is the transit of Saturn which has been in Scorpio since November 2015 and will move into Sagittarius on 26 January 2017. With the transit of Saturn the Sade satti will begin for Capricorn and Sade sati will continue for Scorpio and Sagittarius.

Jupiter which is the most benevolent planet and karka for finance, gains, spirituality, progeny and husband will move from Virgo to Libra. Karmic planet Rahu and Ketu which move retrograde will also change signs in September 2017. Rahu will transit from Leo to Cancer and Ketu will transit from Aquarius to Capricorn. What will be the impact of these planetary movements over your life.

Detailed 2017 Horoscope done by Astrologer Navneet Khanna is an exhaustive analysis of things happening for you in 2017. This report based upon your birth details will focus each aspect important to your life in detail like career, finance, relationship, marriage and health. This report on 2017 will tell you about how the coming planetary transits and the vimshottari dasha will affect your life.

The 2017 has lots to offer for everyone, hopefully some of it will be good and other may not be nice. Use the powers of Vedic Astrology to know in advance how things will be in the period ahead. Know the challenges in advance and things where you need to focus. Do remedies to reduce the effects of malefic planets. Take advantage of the strong and benefic planets to take a jump in your life.

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Wishing you a Very Happy and Prosperous 2017.

Special Price – INR 2100 / USD 75

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11 thoughts on “Yearly Horoscope 2017 – Know the Year Ahead

    1. Yes I do personal reading. This will be on Email/phone. You can take the reading for Rs 1500 from above. It is 2017 offer which I’m giving as we approach 2017 in few weeks. This is an in-depth analysis on your horoscope and Year 2017 and what is stored for you in the year ahead.


      Navneet Khanna

  1. Sir I’m 30 years old . not getting good matches for marriage. In my chart sun and mercury in the 7 th house. One astrologer said it’s better to marry at the age of 40.

    1. You have Lagan lord Mercury and Sun in the 7th house. Your 7th lord Jupiter is in the 9th house that is the bhagyastan. Your chart indicates bhagya opening after marriage. You can do the following remedies.

      1. Wear Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj on your right hand Index finger on Thursday

      2. Keep fast on Thursday

      You dont have to wait for 40 years for marriage, keep looking and you will get a good alliance once you do the above remedies.


      Navneet Khanna

  2. Sir my Date of birth 28/12/1986. Time 5:20 PM. Kerala kollam. Pls provide me a mantra suitable fr me to get good marriage alliance.

  3. Respected Sir,
    Last time when I posted, you told me that shani dhaiyaa is going on for me. Since October, I have started praying Lord Hanuman and Lord Shani.
    Now, I have failed in my graduation and will need to stay for 1 more semester in a hope to graduate next time. However, I really worked hard a lot. Lot of worries, depression I am facing. Its like money is just going away while no incoming source of money. At this point, I have become full of negativity. Please help me. Its like whatever worst can happen in a situation, is happening with me.

    Name: Arti Gupta
    D.O.B: 16 July 1990
    Time: 06:05 a.m.
    Place: Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India
    I am currently staying in USA.

    1. Your Shani Dhaiya got over on 26th January 2017 and now things will be much better than before. Continue praying to Hanuman ji and Shani dev for improvement in your life.


      Navneet Khanna

  4. Respected Sir… DOB is 10.08.1974, New Delhi, 11.24pm…my questions are growth
    b.overseas job family life
    d. my children’s education

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