Rajju Porutham and exemptions of Rajju Dosha

rajju porutham

Rajju porutham indicates the strength and length of married life and marital happiness.  If both that is the boy and the girl are in the same Rajju it is said to form Rajju dosham. This is not good as Rajju dosham brings problems related to health of the couple, financial problems, children problems, of course depending upon which of the Rajju dosham is there. There are rules which are known as Rajju Dosha exceptions. When there is an exception then the dosha is considered as not applicable. Therefore before marriage it is very important to check if Rajju dosha falls under these exceptions or not.

Rajju porutham exemptions:

There are total of 27 Nakshatras or stars which are divided into 5 combinations as pada-kati-nabhi-kanta-sira. For checking the cancellation of Rajju dosham there are many ways given in the shastras which include looking at Kundali Milan and also D9 chart which is the Navamsha chart.

One of the thing that we can see is that starting from first pada and star Aswathi this rajju is counted first in the ascending order and then in descending order from Arudra Nakshatra upto Makam Nakshatra; then again in the ascending order from pooram Nakshatra — in multiples of five.

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The Rajju of the boy and the girl should not come in the same rajju for happy marriage as it forms the Rajju Dosham. However, if one is ascending and the other is in descending and other factors in the horoscope matching is good then it can be acceptable in certain cases. However it is much better if Rajju dosham cancels through other ways and also there are no major doshas like Nadi dosham, kuja dosha, Naga dosham in Kundli Milan.

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    17 thoughts on “Rajju Porutham and exemptions of Rajju Dosha

        1. Hi,I’m nivetha my lover birth star pooram and my birth star is bharani astrologer said there is no thodai Raju if u will get marry means u will face some critical issues is there any remedy for thodai Raju.

    1. I am in love with a boy who belongs to pushya nakshatra and I belong to Bharani nakshatra. We are planning to get married soon. We come under thodai rajju (Kati rajju) . Please give some solution for that Sir. I kindly request you to give some remedy.

        1. Hello sir
          My brother nakshatra is chittai and his partner nakshatra is avittam. Shiro rajju dosha is present. But their rashi Lords are mutual friends. Can you please tell me will they have happy marriage

      1. Kati Rajju is not good as it indicates problems in marital life. Marriage should be considered only if Rajju dosham gets cancelled. You can look at Paid analysis for a detailed Horoscope matching which will check Rajju dosham effects and cancellation in detail.


        Navneet Khanna

    2. Sarita mohanty
      Place-angul odisha
      Sir meri shadi 2018 hopaygi kiya
      Plz sir reply

    3. sir in my birth chart its given that i should not marry a revati boy because it has pada dosham..bt im in love with a revati boy.. i just need a remedy to cancel the dosham…is there any hope???

    4. You can come through Paid Consultation since on deep critical analysis of both horoscopes, the problem could be nullified by some other planets positions or combinations.

    5. Sir iam vishagam and my life partner is poorataadhi natchathram so we are coming under udhara rajju(stomach) is there any remedy for this rajju dosham… Plzzz give me an effective remedy… We love each other for past 8 yrs… Plz rly me sir… Give me a remedy for this issue… Waiting for ur rly sir… Tq

    6. iam in love with a boy for more than 3 years, i belongs to hastha nakshatra and he belongs to sadhayam nakshatra. we come under kaluthu rajju (kanta rajju) and we have kanta dosham, our parents are saying that there is high risk for my life and i wont live long if i get married to him, so we wont allow u guys to get married. please give some solution for this sir. i request you to give some solution sir please.

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