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Kuja Dosham(Mangal Dosha) – Marriage delayed, can I marry a divorcee?

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    Respected Astrologers,


    My marriage is delayed. Am close to 32 yrs of age now and my parents are nearing their 70s.
    Being a girl , am subjected to many questions in my workplace, friends and society.
    I feel very depressed as to why is this(delayed marriage settlement in life) has happened to me.

    People say, this delay is due to mangal dosha.
    Some people say that I have crossed 30 yrs of age and this dosha doesnt effect me any longer.

    Recently I got a marriage proposal from a divorce but they too are worried with the mangal dosha on my chart.

    Could you please tell me when I will get married and settled in life?

    My details :

    Gender : Female
    DOB : 15-01-1985
    POB : Chennai
    TOB : 21:15 PM

    Thank You !

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    Navneet Khanna

    Dear Lakshmi, your horoscope is not good on the marriage front. You not only have Mangal issues, but there are other problems with your horoscope which are not letting your marriage to take place. You do get proposals and even you try but things get cancelled or do not work out at that level. You need to understand your horoscope in details related to marriage. I suggest you take a paid analysis for a detailed analysis on your horoscope.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Thank You for the response Sir.

    Could you please explain what benefits I would get if I go for paid service? Also, how do I avail it , what is the duration in which the analysis /details of my horoscope will be generated?

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    Navneet Khanna

    You will get a detailed Horoscope analysis of your marriage. For example if marriage is there or not there. Timing of marriage, name alphabet of your husband. If love marriage or arrange marriage is there. Doshas which are blocking your marriage. Remedies for having early marriage. Nature and personality of your spouse.

    Im sure there will be many more information on your marital life.

    For payment you can make a bank deposit or purchase from below



    Navneet Khanna

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    Thank you for your reply.

    After paying paid services, can I ask any number of questions? Also, can I consult via phone?

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    Navneet Khanna

    Hello Lakshmi,

    You can ask any number of question through Paid consultation and Yes phone consultation is included.


    Navneet Khanna

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