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son’s marriage


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    Dear Guruji.Kindly tell when is my son likely to get married? will it be love or arranged marriage?

    DOB-25th march 1985,TOB- 10:02 am,POB-New Delhi,rasi-mesha, lagna-vrishabh.
    Would really appreciate your reply.

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    Dear Nita,

    What is holding up his marriage? I can see that he should have got married in between Aug 2011 to Aug 2012. Was there any close touch and go situation or was he involved in any love affairs.

    The next possible chance is there only after 2016. If you need a full scientific evaluation of his horoscope, do come through

    Best of luck

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    TMR ji .there was no close touch and go situation and he was not having any love affair at that time. Could you tell the overall strength of the marriage house?


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    84.70% which is extremely good. You must read my articles “Definitions in Astrology” in my blog And his net Arudha strength is too high at 193%. You can check what is an Arudha strength in the internet and it is how he will be viewed by others. People who have high Arudha strength are usually very well known in some particular field like Sachin Tendulkar, Amitab bachan, Mata Amrutananda mayi etc.

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    Dear TMR ji you said his arudha strength is too high. Someone told me his arudha has debilitated jupiter so its not very strong. Could you please comment on this?

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    Astrologers have different levels of knowledge and you may not get the same answer from everyone just like a doctor diagnose a disease differently depending on their expertise. The better doctor usually cures the patient.

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