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Why marriages end in divorce – Birth chart analysis

Why marriages end in divorce – Birth chart analysis

Marriage is a scared bonding yet at times things go so bad in a relationship that the couple have no other means except to go in for a divorce. It is emotionally shattering for all those who are involved including the children.  Horoscope can suggest a good and compatible match,  It can also indicate divorce in ones life. Here in this article I have tried to do a brief analysis along with a birth chart as why marriages end in divorce for readers to understand how planets influence divorce in the horoscope.

The 2nd house represents Kutumba(family) and the 4th house signifies domestic peace and happiness.  The 7th house represents spouse, marriage and marital life. 11th house rules the success of marriage and 12th house is the indicating bed pleasures of the couple. Venus is the karka or significator for marriage along with the above houses and their lords play a very important role and marriage and married life.

When any of the above houses or their lords are afflicted by malefic, then unhappiness is certain to arise due to the causes ruled by that house or the afflicting planet. Also when the 7th lord is retrograde married life suffers due to insensitive and uncaring behavior of the married partner.

Venus is the karka for marriage in a male horoscope and Jupiter is the karka for husband in a female horoscope. When the 7th house and their lords and karka planet of marriage are weak and afflicted, conjoined or aspected by malefic planets they bring unhappiness in married life.

Sun, Saturn, Rahu, Mars and the 12th house lord are known as the separative planets. If two or more of the above mentioned planets influence the 4th house and its lord, one will find less of family comforts and happiness in family life. If they influence the 7th house and 7th lord, one gets separated from his spouse. The strong malefic influence on the 7th house its lord and significator indicates divorce.

Some combination for divorce or separation in the birth chart are given below:

  1. Jupiter in 7th house generally brings very unsatisfactory results. It causes great disappointments and dissatisfaction in married life. It also causes undue delay in marriage. Although Jupiter is not a malefic yet its position in the 7th house can influence marriages to end in divorce.
  2. When 7th lord is in 6th and afflicted by malefic influence. Similarly when 7th lord or significator joins the 6th lord and influenced by malefic.
  3. As 6th house denotes legal disputes and conjunction of 6th with 7th lord will result in legal action that is through courts.
  4. When Rahu, Saturn joins Lagna or the Ascendant, one is likely to face conflicts in marital life and separation is much indicated.
  5. Sun and Mars is in 2nd, 7th or 8th house, it entails disharmony in marital life and very string chances of separation.
  6. When lord of 2nd and 7th are in Nakshtras of malefic, particularly in the Nakshatra of 6th lord, there will be litigation, divorce between the couple.

Looking at the Time when Marriage can possibly end in Divorce. 

The time of divorce can depend upon the lord of the 7th house. Generally other factors like the level of influence of malefics in birth and transit should also be considered along with below given points.

If the lord of the 7th house is  Mercury then divorce will be in early marriage only.

If the lord of the 7th house is Mars then divorce will be in 2 years after marriage

If lord of the 7th house is Venus then 4 years after marriage

If lord of the 7th house is Moon then separation will be after 6 years after marriage

If Jupiter is the lord of the 7th house then 8 years after marriage

If sun then 10 Years after marriage

If Saturn then after 12 years of marriage.

why marriages end in divorce

Date of Birth: 12 Jan 1985
Time: 19:46
Place: Delhi

Birth Chart Analysis of a Female whose Marriage ended in Divorce:

As we can see in above chart that Capricorn sign is there in the 7th house of marriage. Its lord Saturn is the 8th house lord and most malefic planet in the horoscope. Jupiter  the karka for husband is debilitated in the 7th house. Rahu posited in the 11th house aspects the 7th house. Saturn the lord of 7th house along with being a strong malefic in the birth chart is also conjoined with Ketu, another malefic. Venus the karka for marriage is posited in the 8th house. As we can see that the 7th house and its lord are full of affliction and the significators or karka is also placed in the malefic house. The native never enjoyed marital happiness. The native had love marriage but it did not work and it eventually ended in divorce.

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  1. My name is Gayatri Verma. DOB 24-04-1984. Place of birth Delhi.Time of Birth 4-05 am.My husband name Suraj.. DOB 01-06-1983.Marriage date 20-01-2016. As per the present situation, will i get divorce.when the divorce will happen. After divorce when the remarriage will take place . Wheather remarriage will be successful.

  2. sir,will my marriage end in divorce or is there a chances of reconciliation,dob-01/08/87,place-bargarh,odisha,time of birth-2:30am.plz reply sir

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