7th house of your horoscope and marriage

7th house of your horoscope and marriage

One of the most important thing people like to know in a horoscope is about their life partner / spouse and their married life.  People want to know if they will have a life full of happiness, romance and a good companionship. It is said that marriages are made in heaven and astrology is a divine science. So lets read about the important connection between the 7th house and marriage. As an astrologer I always suggest couples to go in for Grah Milan during horoscope matching, more than the Ashtkoot Guna Milan. The reason is to know and study the relationship between the planets of the two horoscopes and also study the 7th house, its lord in detail. Just to fulfill reader’s inquisitiveness given below is what can be expected when 7th lord is in different houses.

The 7th house is mainly the house of the spouse, marriage & married life. Hence the position of the 7th lord in different houses with reference to lagan suggests lot of things about the natives married life. If the 7th lord is in the good houses then the native will find happiness, companionship, sexual satisfaction after marriage. If the 7th lord is weak, in trik bahavas that means 6th, 8th and 12th houses, aspect by malefic then the native will suffer on one account or another in his marital life.

7th lord in different Houses /bhavas

7th lord in 1st House:

Strong chances that the native will marry someone he/she has known since long.  The native is strong and wants to enjoy life to the maximum. The life partner will be responsible and mature but can be little dominating. Affliction to the 7th lord will make a native have multiple affairs as he/she will be popular amongst members of the opposite sex.

 7th lord in 2nd House:

The native will have a spouse from a respectable family, and the spouse will be spendthrift in nature. The spouse will try to control the household expenses and have a strong ego. The native will get wealth through marriage, although he/she might not have a very cordial relationship.

7th lord in 3rd House:

The native’s brothers / sisters play an important role in marriage. Marriage after 25th year likely. If Saturn aspect the 3rd house delay in marriage can be there. If Mars, Mercury aspects the 3rd house, marriage before 25 years likely. The native will be crazy for a relationship. If 7th lord is combust then the spouse will be sick.

7th lord in 4th House:

Native is peace loving and inclined towards family welfare. The native will generally find a compatible life partner who is caring and loving nature. The native will get a qualified and working spouse. Financial gains after marriage are also indicated. If malefic planets aspect the 7th lord then domestic harmony will get disturbed. Possibility of adultery can also be there.

7th lord in 5th House:

7th lord in the 5th house indicates that the spouse will hail from an affluent family and will be working. The natives life partner will be mature by nature and be an advantage to the partner. Strong chances of early marriage are there. If aspect of malefic like Rahu is their chances of intercast love is strong.

7th lord in 6th house:

Chances of more than one marriage are very strong. One may marry a someone in the family. If 7th lord is badly afflicted by malefic and Venus the significator of marriage is badly posited, the native spouse suffers from ill health/ diseases. There will also be financial losses due to actions of the spouse. There will be many troubles in life and the life may be devoid of happiness. If the affliction of malefic on the 6th house is there then strong chances of separation / divorce are there. If Rahu / North Node is positioned in the 6th house then the natives will lose court case and the legal proceedings will go in favour of the other partner.

7th lord in 7th house:

The native will have a magnetic personality and be surrounded by members of the opposite sex. Professionally or socially the native will be popular amongst the opposite sex. If malefic aspects the 7th lord then more than one relationship is indicated.  The native may marry early and enjoy good bed pleasures.

7th lord in 8th house:

Spouse from a rich and affluent family who likes to show her finances, also the spouse will be quarrelsome, money minded and ill tempered. There is no happiness and intimacy in marriage and it will be an alliance of convenience.  Sexual satisfaction will also be lacking. The native will be unhappy and find solace in extra marital relationship. In some cases there may be  no marriage or separation cannot be ruled out.

7th lord in 9th house:

Fulfillment in marriage life and gains after marriage cannot be ruled out. The native fortunes rise after marriage and there is harmony and trust in the relationship. However if the 7th lord in the ninth house is a malefic planet, then natives partner will be of dominating type, harsh and authoritative. The native may be on the move and stay less at home.

7th lord in 10th house:

The native will get a devoted, loyal and faithful spouse. If it is a male horoscope then strong chances that the wife would be working and contributing to the household expenses. She will help in advancement of the career of the native. If the malefic like Rahu, Saturn aspect the 10th house the spouse would be over ambitious, materialistic and spendthrift in nature.

7th lord in 11th house:

The native will have a beautiful, affectionate, good character life partner. The spouse will hail from a rich and affluent family and bring in wealth and luck. If there is affliction to the 11th house and also to the Venus the significator of marriage, then more than one marriage will be there. The native will have relationship with many members of the opposite sex.

7th lord in 12th house:

The native may marry more than one time. The spouse will be spendthrift type and result in accumulating expenses for the native. This is not a good position for the 7th lord to be in. If planets like Mercury or Saturn aspect or posited in the 12th house, the spouse may be impotent or not interested in sex. If the 7th house receives aspects from Rahu and Mars the spouse may be perverted, oversexed and may spend lot of money on sexual pleasure.

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24 thoughts on “7th house of your horoscope and marriage

  1. Sir ji, kindly keep posting from layman’s perspective. Who is the 7th lord by default. We then can review our janam patri verifying impacts with the help of your guidelines. Hope I’m not greedy.

  2. sir my son dob is 26.04.1987 ,name mikhil soni
    time 1.16 pm that means night of 25th
    Place of birth Delhi
    He wants to marry a girl name Seema dob 23.04.1987 time of birth 14.13 noon.
    Place of birth mumbai
    Sir he is desperate to marry her
    Please tell me the remedies so that we can live happily together
    My dob is 19.08.1959 time is 18.40 evening Delhi

  3. Hello sir,

    Dob 25 -may -1988
    Time 7:30 pm
    Birth place delhi

    I want to know when will I get married? Any chance of settling abroad for work or may be after marriage?


  4. Hello sir,

    D.o.b- 25 december 1990
    Time- 11:19 am
    Place- bijnor (U.P)

    Sir, i wants to know about my married life and
    Behaviour of my wife towards me?


    1. Looking at your horoscope we see that Leo sign is in the 7th house which is the prime house of marriage. Therefore your wife would be highly independent, lot of energy, active, modern thinking. She can be dominating and also stubborn. Sun is conjoined with 8th lord Mercury in the 11th house. Which is not good. Venus the karka for wife is also in the in the 11th house which is not good. There are indication of more than 1 marriage in your horoscope. Therefore you should do proper matching of the horoscopes before marriage.


      Navneet Khanna

      1. sir may dob is 15-07-1991,time 05:30pm i want to know about my married life and about my husband

  5. hi sir,
    my name is swetha n my DOB is nov 3 1991 at 5:50am.
    delays happening in my marriage. i want to about my marriage n my life wid partnet.
    can i get chance to settle in abraod with a job sir?
    THanks & Regards Sir.

  6. hi sir
    i already have a dissolvement of mariage once in my native land .
    my date of birth 9\1\1987 time 15:15 location at vadodara gujarat india.
    i want to make a happy married ahead . and am still trying to seek study ahead .
    would like to have something help …..

  7. Hi sir..
    I want to know about my venus dasha.how it will be.is there any happiness in my life or not.i am very disappointed with my life

  8. Hi sir..
    I want to know about my venus dasha.how it will be.is there any happiness in my life or not.i am very disappointed with my life.my dob is 17-1-1974.delhi 21:30

  9. Sir please help me . I am going through a very rough time in my marriage it is getting worse by the day . I do not feel there is hope. We are not even in talking terms. I have struggled to keep it together so long but don’t think I have the strength to continue. My birth star is krithika , vrishabha rashi, my spouse’s is utharashada , Dhanu rashi. I know Jupiter transit has bad impact . Please help suggest any remedies.

    1. Your daughter is very young why are you worried now for her marriage. Give her good education and make her independent in life. Marriage you can think when she is of marriageable age and not now.


      Navneet Khanna

  10. sir,

    dob : 11-03-1982 , 08:35 PM, place is Cuttack.

    what about my married life. do i have divorce chances.

    please suggest.

    1. Your weakest houses in your horoscope are the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 7th houses and it is unlikely that you will enjoy married life. You will do well in career. Read my blog navagrahastro.blogspot.in for more details.

  11. 04/february/1994 time:12:43 Elbasan Albania..please can you tell me about my married life,wealth or divorces? Becouse i get confused when i read my chart by myself..thanks

  12. 1988.1.16 11.50 p.m Colombo sri lanka…….pls tell me abut my marriage…..rahu and guru in 7th house kethu in 1st house shukra in 6 house……

  13. HELLO SIR,

    my name is TUSHAR n my DOB is 10 AUG 1989 at 1 PM PLACE -AHMADNAGAR.
    delays happening in my marriage. i want to about my marriage n my life wid partnet.

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