Best 7 Accredited Astrology Schools in USA

Astrology schools in USA

Best 7 Astrology Schools in USA

When we study, our hearts and minds turn to certain academic subjects. They sometimes tell us what direction to choose intuitively. Thus, many students choose astrology and seriously intend to become professional prophesiers or something like that. This dream is realistic and all you need is to be a diligent student and choose the right school, college, or university that will provide you with the necessary knowledge in astrology.

Charles Ross, who is an essay writing expert at, has an important opinion about this case. Here is given the direct quote: “Many people believe in the power of predictions via astrology, and there are many proofs that it works. Nonetheless, you may find only a few accredited schools in the USA. Therefore, your choice is limited. Fortunately, it is still enough to become a certified expert in astrology.” Unfortunately, you will not find too many schools that allow for acquiring a certificate from a professional astrologist. Nonetheless, you have the chance to make your dream come true. Our informative guide sheds light on the top-7 accredited astrology schools in USA.

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Best Astrology Schools in USA

Arizona’s “Astrological Institute”

When we talk about the best astrology schools in USA, we will begin our review with Arizona’s institution of astrology. Why did we choose it? Well, it was the first accredited school of astrology in the United States of America. Today, it has grown into an institute thanks to its advanced programs. This institute can teach you a lot about the stars and universe to predict the future of other people.

Portland School of Astrology

Another renowned astrology schools in USA is the one in Portland. You can go to Portland to become a certified astrologist. The school offers a two-year course for willing students. It teaches youngsters everything they may need for the beginning. For example, the year of studying there includes:

  • Astronomy;
  • History;
  • Philosophy;
  • Mythology;
  • Art;
  • Creativity;
  • Ethics;
  • Health;
  • Zodiac movement, etc.

Some people may wonder why such subjects as history or ethics are included. History helps to realize the precision of predictions made previously. Many astrologists predicted wars or pandemics in the past because the stars helped them. Thus, history proves the power of astrology.

Ethics is vital too. As you intend to become a professional astrologist, you will tell people about their faiths. Oftentimes, the predictions are not pleasant. Ethics teaches how to reveal sad truth delicately. Besides, work ethics is vital for every job. You have no right to reveal the faith of your clients to anybody else.

Mind that the number of students is limited. It accepts only 15 students. Therefore, hurry to be one of the lucky ones.

Holistic Astrology School

You can choose this school as well. It offers an intense study of this subject and allows for becoming a certified expert. You will go through a long path, which studies elementary things and moves on to the expert level. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create charts;
  • Solve ethical issues;
  • Discover signs (the sun, moon, etc.);
  • Read people via their planets;
  • Define faith thanks to the astrological houses;
  • Understand charts;
  • Evaluate reincarnation;
  • Combine and read various bodies at once.

 Alanna K’s Alchemical Astrology School

This school also offers comprehensive learning of astrology. It offers a strong program with all the necessary details and facts. On average, the program embraces 75 hours. It includes:

  • Introduction to astrology;
  • Comprehension of your chart;
  • Foundations;
  • Charts;
  • Houses;
  • Planets;
  • All Zodiac signs etc.

The program teaches how to read and predict various things. For example, it may explain how to meet success in business or avoid failure. The program is very effective and even offers a refund within the first 14 days. It proves that it can be trusted.

Nightlight Astrology School

This popular school offers 3 programs for future astrologists, which is a rarity among similar establishments. Each program lasts for 12 months and provides all the necessary knowledge about this sphere. If you pass them, you learn about the most important matters related to astrology:

  • History;
  • Philosophy;
  • Ethics;
  • Basics;
  • Roots;
  • All heavenly bodies;
  • Houses and charts;
  • Differences between astrological lore;
  • Concepts;
  • Traditional doctrines;
  • The traditional reading of the charts;
  • Work with clients, etc.

You will be taught how to read the lives of other people live. The foundations and advanced knowledge will help to become a worthy astrologist with precise prophecies.

Los Angeles Astrology School

You can become a qualified expert in the city of angles too! It offers three courses that are targeted at different levels of competence – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. If you opt for these courses, you will become a certified expert who knows everything about:

  • Charts;
  • Houses;
  • Signs;
  • Aspects;
  • Basics of reading;
  • Predictive methods;
  • Compatibility between couples;
  • How to enjoy success;
  • Making predictions;
  • Progressions;
  • Solar returns;
  • And even asteroids.

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Astrology University

Just as simple as this university is called, you will easily obtain the necessary knowledge in astrology if you choose it. Students will enjoy a really diverse learning program, which involves different aspects that are somehow related to astrology. Moreover, you will be taught how to combine them to reach the maximum result.

You will get through the entire path. You’ll start with basics and will swiftly move to the advanced level. Quite soon, you will be an expert in:

  • Reading natal charts;
  • Creating charts;
  • Making predictions;
  • Helping each success in any sphere;
  • Understanding the meaning of all planetary bodies;
  • Avoiding failure, etc.

These were 7 good options for people who intend to become certified astrologists. They help to deepen this mystic lore, which is quite realistic. Attentively study all the options. Give heed to the location, facilities, fees, and similar things before you make the right decision. Perhaps the stars will help you to succeed! You may also pass programs online.

Hope you liked our review of the Top Astrology Schools in USA. If you want to learn basic astrology, you can do by visiting our youtube channel. If you would like to comment please do in the comment section below.

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