luckiest zodiac sign- Which Sun sign is luckiest

Luckiest Zodiac Sign

Have you ever wondered which Sun sign or Zodiac sign is lucky or which is the luckiest zodiac sign – There are twelve Zodiac signs from Aries to Pisces. Out of these twelve Zodiac signs, some are romantic, some are analytical while others are career-oriented, generous or brave. Each zodiac sign has its own characteristic which separates them from one-others.   No two Zodiac signs are similar and that is why studying the zodiac sign can tell a lot about the individual. Some Zodiac signs are born lucky. They are born with just about everything in life. In this article below we look at the Luckiest Zodiac sign.

Know the luckiest zodiac sign?

Have you sometimes wonder why some people have all the luck? Why are some born with a silver spoon? Life is simple and easy for them, whereas others struggle and face so many hardships in their life. You must have heard of the phrase “it is all written in the stars”, so you will agree that the cosmos, planets, signs do play a major role in our life. 

If you ever wondered which Zodiac sign has all the luck in the world, then below is the answer for you. Read to know the luckiest zodiac sign . 

As an astrologer, I always look at Jupiter for luck. Jupiter is also one of the karmic planets, along with Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. Planet Jupiter tells us what good or bad things we have inherited from the previous birth. It tells us about our inherent strengths and weaknesses. For example, if planet Jupiter is in Gemini in the natal chart, it means that the luck/fortune of the person will come from his social and friends circle. 

If Jupiter is in Virgo in a natal chart, it is all about analyzing things before making decisions. Sucess and gains come from technology, so it is imperative to keep updating yourself professionally.  

I will like to highlight that when checking the luckiest Zodiac sign, you need to remember that because your zodiac sign is not there, it does not mean that you are not blessed with good fortune and luck. Remember that we are not only Sun sign; we have a lot of influence of other planets on various aspects of our lives. So if your sun sign is not there, do not feel bad as I’m sure that you are still blessed in life.   

These are the luckiest Zodiac sign when comparing with Twelve Zodiac signs.  


As Jupiter is related to cosmic luck, Sagittarius is the luckiest sign of the Zodiac. It is the masculine sign of Jupiter and Sagittarius natives are adventurers by nature and will always find a similar partner who is supportive and caring, someone to give them the best advice.

If you are a Sagittarius native you will have a drive and can push your way to get the desired results. 

You do not wait for luck to come to you, as you have the ability to work towards your goals. It’s just that efforts and luck work parallel for you, benefiting you enormously in your life. 


Pisces is the second luckiest sign of the Zodiac. Pisces natives do have few things in common with Sagittarius, but unlike Sagittarius, you do not push or force to gather luck. Rather you make use of your strong intuition to rise the waves of good fortune.


In my opinion Cancer sign are known to have a strong nurturing ability and are deeply connected to the roots. You do not enjoy many adventures as you do not have a high-risk taking attitude. You like to be at home and enjoy the comfort and cozy atmosphere that you get. You like to build things but at your comfort and pace. Your cardinal nature gives you the drive whereas your intuition gives you the direction. You do have luck favoring you a lot as Jupiter the planet of cosmic luck, gets exalted in Cancer, which in simple terms means that the Jupiter energy resonated very well with the energy of Cancer. 

Like I said earlier if your Zodiac sign is not there, do not feel bad, as the All-Mighty God has still bless you with many wonderful things in life.  If you would like to comment on the luckiest zodiac sign article, please do so below. If you would like to show your Horoscope, please post your Birth Details in the Astrology Forum.

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