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Your Lucky Gemstone according to Numerology

Wearing a gemstone is a great way to strengthen weak planets. However proper precaution should be set in the right metal and energized for it to show any benefic results, before being worn in the appropriate finger. It is important that all gemstones be kept immersed for at least 1 hour in an unboiled milk.

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Astrology Gemstone | Procedure to wear a Gemstone

gemstone procedure

Planets are believed to have a benefic or malefic impact on your life of individuals. This impact is determined by the house they are placed in, in your birth horoscope. Each planet governs the different gemstones. Wearing gemstones that correspond with a specific planet can enhance the positive impact of the planet or can help minimize the negative influence of ...

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Sade Satti the difficult phase of Saturn effects & remedies

Shani sade satti remedies

The planet Saturn is associated with success through hard work, obstacles in life, financial hardships and tough life lessons. The difficulties that arise due to Saturn are especially prominent during its transit through the 12th, 1st and 2nd house from the position of the moon in the birth horoscope. This period lasts for 7 and ½ years and is known ...

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Remedies for Minimize Strong Mangal Dosha

In Vedic astrology, the influence of Mars is considered to be most inauspicious when it is placed in the first, seventh & 8th house of the birth horoscope of an individual. This is said to be the most harmful placement of the planet which is also known as the planet of war and deals with violence, aggression, anger and assault. ...

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Yogas Bringing Wealth and Riches in a Horoscope

As you sow, so shall you reap.  This fundamental of Vedic astrology bases the individual’s present on his past.  Astrological birth charts are indicators of the present but also carry possible remedies. Remedies are not good luck charms – rather  symbols to focus intention to attain prosperity.  Placing three garnets on your desk energises business; placing a money stone in ...

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