Solving Relationship Problems with Astrology

Solving Relationship Problems with Astrology

Solving Relationship Problems with Astrology

Everybody wants that their family life is happy and satisfied. The happiness of married couple is based on the love and affection between them. When this love starts getting affected, it is not only going to disturb their relationship but also their dependent and personally may show on their professional and social life.

Therefore, whenever the issues and differences start interfering with close between husband and wife, the married couple needs to work out to take care of the issues rather than accusing each other. Along with their efforts if they use the astrological solutions, they will soon be able to overcome all the difficulties.

Some Astrological Remedies to Solve Disputes Between Husband & Wife.  

If there are some issues and conflicts between married couple, they should chant “Trayashari Mahamrityunjaya Mantra” to take care of their conflict. The Mantra in hindi is as follows:

Mantra for Solving Relationship Problems with Astrology

ऊँ हौं जूं : अथवा ऊँ जूं
ऊँ नम: शिवाय”! 

The individual can chant any of the two Mantras on first Monday of the Shukla Paksha, that is the brighter half period of the Moon. This mantra is for Lord Shiva and it should preferably be chanted in a temple. However if you are not able to chant the mantra in Shiva temple then you can chant it in some alone position, can be at home also, but somewhere where you can concentrate and there is least distractions. It will be excellent if the spouse chants the mantra along with you. It is important that this mantra chant is done for at least 21 days.

Solving Relationship Problems with Astrology

Every now and then in any relationship the love, romance and affection get’s impacted, this can be because of planetary transits and affliction on 7th house and its lord.  4th house is the house of comforts and family peace, during the period of malefic on the 4th house and 4th lord the couple begin providing importance to each other person’s bad habits and overlook good ones. This certainly is not an excellent indication for the happy marriage. Because whenever such a scenario occurs in the marriage, it can lead to further disputes.

Rahu in the 7th house of any horoscope can lead to problems in married life. If the 7th lord is in the 6th, 8th and 12th house of your horoscope and there is no benefic aspect either to the 7th house and the 7th lord, outside interference can be the reason for disturbance in your married life.

If there is problem in married life it is important to see which planet is creating the disturbance and then the appropriate remedy must be applied.

Prayers can change things enormously and Vedic remedies are very powerful in bringing relief from malefic planets. If the husband – wife relationship does not have the attachment, love, affection and warmth then it is important to do the appropriate remedy to bring love and romance back in the life.


Mantras Remedy to strengthen your love relationship:

Om Mahayakshini Pati Mem Vashyam Kuru Kuru Swaha

(ॐ महायक्षिणी पति मेम वश्यम कुरु कुरु स्वाहा)

The wife should use the above mantra as per its rule after empowering it during the night of Deepawali or during an eclipse (both Solar & Lunar) to get over this relationship issues and boost the affection between each other.  

Another remedy that the couple can do is wear Gauri Shankar Rudraksha, by wearing same Rudraksha will increase like and passion.

Well, It is advised to perform all the mentioned powerful remedies in the article with full devotion, pure heart and with the believe in order to get proper fruitful results.

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  1. i love a girl name barnali sengupta i want to marry him immidiately she is staying at sreerampore my birth date is 16th november 1976 and my wifes birtday is on 28th october 1992 my rasi is aries and my wifes rasi is brischik please send me the details if i can marry the girl yes or not .

  2. I am facing problems in my married life. My husband is not contacting me at all. I am at my parents place from 5 months.
    My DOB is 1-3-87, Tiime 3 pm

  3. Namaste guruji,

    I got married on Dec,10,2016,stayed in-laws house only 3 days,but now my husband is asking for break-up without a proper reason,but for a very silly issues,in-laws were not actually interested to resolving the problems but adding fuel to the fire,really struggling a lot,my parents were almost bed ridden now,despite of no mistake my relaives told me apologies them,had agreed and and aksed apologies to every in the in-laws family but of no use,had thrown me out,so far first night also not taken place.But dont know what is the reason for all these things happening to me,really frustarted,i beg you from my heart am in a deep trouble,please suggest me a DOB 05/08/1981,02.45 a.m and husbands DOB 28/07/1979 06.30 p.m

    1. I am also facing a lot of problems in my married life because of my in laws but i believe in karma . Whoever is enjoying our pain right now one day will pay for it .i am alive because of my daughter otherwise i would have been died by now.

    2. Pray to shiv Parvati to save your marriage. Ghee ka dipak jalao daily to shiv mandir or at home. I don’t know if this will help you but anyways we are helpless.god has made us like this now he will only save us.god bless you

  4. Namaste Guruji,

    I had got love cum arrange marriage, before marriage my husband had promised me and my parents that he will allow me to help my parents as I am from poor background. With oly my salary was leading house. Before I accept his proposal, many times I told about my parents condition that I need to help. After engagement at the time of marriage, husband made my mind change that not to help my parents, also if my parents invite us to home, he emotionally used to give dialogues that I should not go to parents house. My mistake was i believed him more and forced my parents to accept for marriage. Husband’s native is Andhra, mine Bangalore. Bcoz of my good position in job both our parents agreed n decided to ask us to stay in Bangalore. So tht he can get job in Bangalore easily, He had promised me before marriage that he vl leave all the bad habits (drinking, smoking, chewing panparaag) slowly after I marry him. But immediately after marriage, he started his bad habits more than his earlier, wen I asked, he told tht it is for happiness. I thought to tell to his parents, but his emotional way he made me nt to tell his or my parents about his bad habits. Within 6 months, he was admitted to hospital,I was 4 months pregnant. Doctor said he vl b no more if he drinks again. Both our parents came, I had very tough situation. Every blame came on me tht may b bcoz of me he drunk more recently.. listened from each n everyone bad about me even frm doctors. He went to back to his parents house from his treatment left me with my parents until my delivery. Now slowly again started smoking and chewing panparaag, even though he taken promise recently. I hv 8 months old baby now came to parents with my forceful for Gowri Ganesha festival,. My husband not listening my words now, he now got angry on me. He not talking to me. He telling me to stay with parents only. I have knee pain badly, bcoz tht i went to in-laws house in 1st month after delivery listening to husband. Fr each everything I used to climb up n down stairs in the house. My husband not listening my pain, he not bothering my worries about his bad habits. He says bad about me to his parents now a days that I am giving tension. I am giving torture like that..
    I am not able to tell my worries and pain to my parents. No one there to talk freely n share my pain.
    Guruji I always feel to share everything to my husband, n I am dng, but he not bothering. He tells his mother tht am lier.. he only not supporting me. What I need to do Guruji, I saw your website and feeling somewhere in my heart that may b you vl help me. I want my husband to listen me. He don’t like the food which I prepare, he likes his mother prepared food only. Getting more hurt in this matter in this way also he is proving tht with my food oly admitted to hospital. Every one in the in-laws house listening to him. Me only separate bcoz of my husband. Please Guruji, I want my husband’s love back, and want my husband to leave his bad habits and to listen my feelings and pain. I want him to ask me to prepare food from him.

  5. Namaste Guruji,

    Along with the above mentioned, want to tell you my another most worries that I hv knee pain badly bcoz of stairs in in-laws house. But hv to permanently staythere with husband bcoz of his job there. But he not understanding my pain. I am not liking that house only bcoz of the stairs inside which hurted my knees. Please provide me solution.
    My DOB – 2.sep.1987. my husband’s- 16.4.1984.

    1. ……… From your D O B s. ….it appears that you end in trouble because of helping other people .. Your husband has an evasive type of nature …… whatever you tell him he listens but won’t take any action against his parents ..
      Your troubles started or became more from mid 2017 and would continue as 2018 is not a pleasant year for you ..
      If you are a Sikh I would advice you to recite the Mool Mantar 1008 times daily or at least 108 times daily ..
      Hindus can offer milk …… about one litre …… to their Temple every Friday and pray by yourselves .. Just sit in front of the Diety …… concentrate a bit and just ask for whatever you seek ..
      Sometimes just a simple prayer helps ..
      To the Christians I would suggest the Novena for nine days or weeks ..

  6. Please Guruji, provide me any mantra that I can chant in my free time for my above mentioned problems. Every thing from my husband’s side is opposite to me. I am really hating my Life. Lost all hopes on my life. Last chance with this , looking forward for positive..

  7. Lord Rama also did the same thing to Mata Sieetha when she was pregnant. When Sita could not do anything about it, how can we mortals help you in this regard.

  8. I am facing problems in my married life. My husband is not contacting n talking to me n am pregnant by 6 months n now a daysi am staying with my from past 2months
    My DOB is 14 January 1985, Tiime 2.45am
    Place-deolali Camp

  9. I am facing problems in my married life. My husband is not contacting n talking to me n am pregnant by 6 months n now a daysi am staying with my parents from past 2months
    My DOB is 14 January 1985, Tiime 2.45am
    Place-deolali Camp

  10. The problems between husbands and wives are a common thing all over the world. As long as they do not learn the art of compromising the different characteristics of the couples, this will continue. Higher education received by women is the primary cause since in the earlier days they used to compromise a lot. Men are a superior genes by nature both in courage, villainy and common sense. Women by nature are subjugate.

  11. Namaste Guru Ji,
    My worries are nothing new in terms of facing issues in relationship with my husband .
    I blindly believe in astrology and my husband is totally opposite. I always have some thoughts in my mind about some negative eye on me and my husband relation. I can relate that due to daily fights even on small topics between us. I am just worried about his health and the relation between us . Would be great if you could please check my kundli and advise if you could see all good in my life and also if you could advice for any pooja to perform to keep my husband and mine relation intact with love , peace and happiness forever . My DOB: 27071985 . TIME : 6pm ..
    Jai Bhole Nath!!

  12. hello sir, m a technical analyst trainer , but not getting succes in share mkt training business,pls suggest DOB: 05/03/1975; Time ; 12:05pm, mumbai

    1. Share market is impossible to predict and trying to teach how to trade is a cheating business which you will never be able to logically predict. The financial experts advising shareholders are class one cheats and they do not have any reliable logic to depend on. They are all parasites on the investing community. It is matter of playing dice and you will never be able to predict the falling number. To top it all market is manipulated by operators and the smaller fries are generally pushed into losses in capital while the very rich can hold on to their losses for long time.

      If you continue to be a technical analyst, you will accumulate lot of sin rather than money and your end will be miserable. Better to do some decent job and make money the hard way and not by fooling the people. You are trying to teach others what you yourself do not know anything about.

      Read my blog for more details.

  13. Hello sir , My married life is having lot of problems , My DOB:18\10\1985 time 8.07 pm , place vapi gujarat. Husband Dob : 24\3\1982. , time:2.30pm , place calicut kerala, Pls suggest a remedy to make a good and prosperous life and life without quarrels.

  14. When I will get married and how’s my life partner? Will i have love marriage or arrange marriage…
    Time-07:00 PM

    1. Looking at your horoscope we see that your 7th house which is the prime house of marriage is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is posited in the 11th house of gains with Ketu. The conjunction of Jupiter and Ketu in the 11th house is never auspicious. It is also known as Guru chandal dosha. Saturn which is 6th lord aspects the 7th house. Sun in the 7th house with debilitated lagan lord, indicates marital problems. You should do proper matching of the horoscopes before marriage, as chances of separation are strong in your natal chart. Doing astrological remedies of Jupiter are important. Visit Astrology Forum on for more insight in your kundali


      Navneet Khanna

  15. Fantastic end results are frequently witnessed. The place there were only hate and continuous fights, peace, love and harmony was observed. The place the person was in an more conjugal relationship, one other particular person vanished suddenly and in which there have been solitary people today looking forward to ideal an individual, that ‘someone’ ultimately arrived.

  16. My Birth Date: 17 Sep 1977 Place of Birth: Indore
    My wife’s Birth Date: 12 May 1980 Place of Birth: Indore

    We are facing issue with our relationship since long.
    I am looking for remedy for same; some Pooja, Mantra, Stotra
    Please help.

  17. Proper astrological matching is not conducted before marriage and that could be the reason for brickbats in later days of marriage. Please read “Marriage failures – How astrology can help” on my blog

  18. Name:Deepa
    Dob: 8th March 1989

    Married 4th feb 2017, there is a continuous querrele among me, husband and mother in law.. She feels jealous when we spend some time together even she couldn’t see we both happy with each other.Now i separated n hv been leaving with my parents for last 5 months.. Is this marriage ends with divorce? Pls suggest.

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