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Sun in Scorpio Transit Importance and Effects

sun in scorpio

Sun Transit in Scorpio is from November 17, 2015 and till December 16. 2015 Scorpio symbol is of an animal that hides and has the ability to inflict a painful sting when in danger.  It is of someone who does not believe in compromise or someone who mince words. Scorpio is the negative sign of planet Mars, which means the …

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Powerful Mantra for Enhancing Love and Attraction

powerful mantra for love

This below given mantra is very effective if you want to come closer to the member of the opposite sex. Many times we feel attracted to someone but the other person may not show keenness the way we want. It may be because he / she does feel similarly. It can also be that you are already married and now …

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Marriage Muhurat – Ensure Marital Success With Best Timing

marriage mahurat

Consulting a Brahmin before starting anything new is not uncommon in India. It may be the laying of the foundation of a new house or moving to a new apartment, starting of new business, a marriage in the family, a distant journey or something similar. One would agree that one thing is certain that successful completion of work depends upon …

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Significance of Gauri Shankar Puja for Love and Marriage

gauri shankar puja

It is observed that many times marriage of a Boy or a Girl gets delayed due to one or the other petty reasons or without any obvious reason at all, and we are unable to resolve the situation inspite of best of our efforts. At such times it is highly recommended that Gauri Shankar Puja should be performed to remove obstacles …

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Saturn in the seventh house effects as per Vedic Astrology

saturn in 7th house

Saturn in the seventh house Saturn is known to be the planet which brings delays and obstructions. 7th house is the prime house of marriage and marital life. A strong 7th house promises happy marriage and complete marital bliss. Obstructive and malefic planets in the 7th house bring delay and marital problems. Natives with Saturn in the 7th house should …

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Yantra for Financial Gains, Health, Career and Happiness

yantra for money

A yantra as used in prayers is a instrument, talisman or a mystical diagram. It is visible form of the mantra or the planet to which it corresponds. It is believed that commendable results are attained when specific yantras are used for different gods and goddesses, especially during the puja. Therefore like mantras, yantras are energy body and slow remarkable …

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