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      DOB:1998 Feb 12
      Location: Kathmandu,Nepal
      Time: 3:30pm
      Question: I didn’t passed out my 12 higher studies. I’m recently doing job of driving. Will I be earning lot of money like billionaires millionaires in future and be happy with my wife and future children.

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      Navneet Khanna

      School is just a place where you learn the basic of some subjects. What life teaches you, no school in this world can teach. If you are working sincerely and with full devotion, nothing can stop you from getting success.

      Bill Gates of Microsoft is a good example. He left his school, only to pursue his passion that was computer programming. You will always win if whatever you do is with passion. It may be cooking, programming or driving.

      Generally, people in this world can give suggestions to everyone, expect do their own work properly. I believe if you focus primarily on your own work, nothing can stop you for getting success in life.


      Navneet Khanna

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      Thank you for your nice words but I want to know in astrological point of view also😅

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      You have a very powerful horoscope and Sun is shining bright in your charts. There is good chance that you will hold a high position in the King’s court and you will adorn high political status in your country with untold wealth in your command.

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