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Sathyaastrologer…..please answer

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    Hello Sir,
    when will I meet my spouse? he is overseas?
    16 August,1985
    11:15 am
    Philadelphia ,PA,US
    Virgo Ascendant

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    JVS Rao

    In May 2018 there will be union with your spouse. In the meanwhile there are chances, but it will be for a short time. From May 2018 you will be happy.

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    From your horoscope, I observe the following.

    1. You are basically from a rich background and you are employed well to earn more. Further, your words are very sharp and hurting. This is the main cause of your separation. Since Saturn is sitting powerful in 2nd house (Owns 6th House) along with Ketu and aspected by Mars, the family life is full of disturbance. Further, now you are running Moon Dasha who is combust with sun and standing in the legs of Ketu at the 12th house might have caused litigation for separation.

    Pray God for unity with your hubby.

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    I dont understand well.
    you said I will separate from my spouse?
    I am single now

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