Gemini And Aquarius – Compatibility in Sex, Love and friendship


One of the ways via which you can get to know of how compatible you are with your probable spouse is by simply taking a glimpse at their zodiac signs; the odds are quite high that you may end up having the complete knowledge of how your partner may turn out.

The partnership of an Gemini male and an Aquarius female will not give the same observation if the zodiac signs were reversed. In either case, the results are interesting and it is time that we had a look at both of them as well as their sexual compatibility.

Gemini male and Aquarius female.

Some of the virtues that the Gemini male is praised for include being of an adaptable nature, imaginative thinking, being witty and clever among others. The awesome thing about Gemini pairing with the Aquarius female is that most of the virtues are similar which renders them the best fit for each other.

Regardless of all the praises upon taking their virtues into consideration, it is worth taking note that no person is flawless.  Whereas Aquarius may be stubborn, emotional or sarcastic in some cases, Gemini may prove impulsive, devious and indecisive in some instances.

Having the above in mind, an Aquarius in the company of a Gemini will definitely have fun and happiness written all over her countenance and this is attributed to the captivating nature of the male counterpart when he is with his female partner. The privacy and alone time that she is granted by her partner will keep her even closer.

Gemini will always adore his partner for her creativity and in the process the two will bond though at first Aquarius will exercise individuality in the company of the male

What if you were a Gemini woman and were to date an Aquarius male?

Upon stumbling onto each other, the two will develop a telepathic bond and at first glance, either will definitely know that they are the right ones for each other.

With the visionary nature of Aquarius, the Gemini woman will seem rather captivated if not hypnotized with the ideas her partner has. Gemini is more of a listener and owing to this fact, her male counter will always adore the twinkle in her eye as he tells her of all his dreams and interests.

What are the odds of you being the best pair in bed?

In the bedroom, the two parties will definitely pose as a perfect match for each other. The reason for this is that whereas Aquarius will seem rebellious though creative and intelligent at the same time, Gemini will marvel at this and develop an even stronger bond towards the opposite sex.

The passion that is experienced between the two knows no boundaries and while Aquarius may seem to pay heed to even the smallest of details, Gemini will happily play along.

In conclusion from the above, both Gemini and Aquarius are freethinkers just as they are intelligent hence they pose as a perfect fit for each other.

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