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Deal with Difficult and Toxic people

how to deal with toxic and difficult people

Humankind consists of both kinds of individuals: positive and negative. The important is to distinguish in whose company you have a better perception of life and even yourself.  The effect of toxic people may be compared with the increased consumption of drugs, coffee, and alcohol.

According to, numerous psychological studies evaluate the impact of toxic individuals in our society. There is a citation: “ You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  It is up to us to choose our surroundings and social connections. The main goal is to be able to recognize which ones are not compatible with our state of mind.

Mental and emotional stress may affect the overall health of an individual. According to The Guardian, ‘’bodily responses to relationship conflict cause long-term damage.’’

In case you feel ill in the presence of certain people, the best advice would be to avoid that kind of situation or individual. The simplest explanation would be the fact that that kind of people drains your energy level.

Nobody appreciates the bad or negative energy around them. The individuals may radiate in different ways. According to modern psychological science, the negative people traits have been described as the gossiper, the manipulator, the judge, the exaggerator, and the emotional expresser.

There are 5 types of toxic individuals described.  Gossiper is an individual who is always forcing specific talks and conversations. In their presence, you may feel as they are bringing out all they know about you. For example, in a work environment, the gossiper is at every corner and knows everything about you and other colleagues. The other coworkers may call you gossiper as well if you are for too long in the company of this kind of a person.

The Manipulator is the person who knows what they want so they use all means to get their goals. This kind of person does not care about your feelings. The manipulator may transform your business and personal relationship into an abusive one.

The Judge individuals always criticize other people. That is their way of stealing your energy. They can never be satisfied. In their presence, your personality may be minimized and humiliated.

The Exaggerator is an individual who increases the dimension of each problem. In every situation, they may highlight the act or the people involved. Their most common expressions consist of negative ones (‘’You never say…’’You never do…’’).

The Emotional Expresser is a vulnerable individual. In most cases, those individuals express themselves in an emotional way. They perceive things emotionally and react the same way. This way, they highlight every emotion and may drain  a lot of energy from other individuals.

Each of us deserves to have positive individuals around them. At first, try to be at a social distance while making new contact. This will give yourself enough time to choose the appropriate circle of friends and coworkers. Nobody is perfect, but you deserve to be in a supportive and caring human surroundings.



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